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Chloe Sevigny for TOMBOY

-SPRING 2012-
it is very difficult to continue to grow your hair out when you see Chloe looking extremely adorable with this banged bob…been gawking at this lookbook for days and had to share. 
two of my favorite pieces are the two-toned blazer and the blazer tank sheer dress, yum yum

you can usually find me sporting a dress but i am and always have been a tomboy at heart so this line definitely catches my attention. aside from always wearing a dress, i usually can be found with a blazer of various shapes and materials-cannot have enough in my closet! (so it seems…)

minor changes

black/white: Miss B, gold: Macy’s
while getting my standard trim i decided it was time for a mini change. after having spent the weekend at my folk’s lake house for the 4th i got a little color on my casper skin (for real!) and thought the touch of lightness would give me a sun-kissed glow all over. regardless of whether my plan worked or not, i really do love my “baby ombre”!
[Taylor of Chop//Shop always snaps a mini polaroid of her clients post-CHOP]
thanks again, Chop//Shop!
hope you’re having a good Monday!
dress: vintage, shades: UO, bag: Streetela, wedges: Belk


gotta make this quick but wanted to share a few stunning photos of Alexa Chung that have been sitting on my desktop for about 2 weeks now//
that color blue looks really great on her, and even though this appears to be a more “laid back” look it’s still fantastic.
the lace, the bag, cat eyes and her always perfect hair are all on point-it’s no mystery why so many bloggers adore her style!
i too am guilty of browsing page after page of The Fashion Spot forums in awe of this girls wardrobe, never disappoints.
that being said-thought it was appropriate to post these as Alexa was my inspiration for my new hair do [though we added the asymmetrical twist] and tonight i am shooting the grand opening for the salon that fulfilled my aspirations of this simple cut.
the shop owner and stylist-Mimi-is achieving her dream of owning her own salon and in the heart of the hip Poncy-Highlands area, things couldn’t be going better. really pumped to be shooting the party-all you Atlanta ladies [and gents] come out and mingle!

sneaky sneaky

as mentioned in previous post, i’ve gone big with a new hair style, ie-cut it all off .!. BUT i wanted to hold out showing everyone until the NYE photos are done and posted over on so here is a mini peak of my hair,
top: vintage via EBV, scarf: no brand, made in India, jacket: vintage, bag: vintage Jordache, Sunglasses: Chloe
Yup, mystery still remains, heheh!
but more importantly about these photos is the jacket and purse, both of which had me all smiles when they were found! the vintage Jordache purse made it into my hands by total chance as i was bidding on an exact same, slightly bigger Diane Von Furstenberg bag weeks ago on Ebay. after not winning the bag i was hell-bent-and-determined to find a look alike, no luck on Ebay OR Etsy so i pretty much gave up and moved on…then while shopping at Highland Row Antiques for some Christmas ornaments for the vino party found my perfect match, and for a mere $15.00! done deal! been carrying every since.
the jacket wasn’t quite as thrilling but i was pumped the moment i put it on, even Kareem pointed out the HUGE smile on my face at Rag-O-Rama when i traded for this $12.00 beauty. i am a little sad these photos don’t show the built-in belt and synching details but they are soon to follow, this jacket is going no where!
have a nice Saturday everyone