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polar opposites

talk about a FLASHBACK, this time last year i scanned some pages from a Barneys Co-Op catalog i picked up in store that have sat in a folder on my computer’s desktop since then begging to be posted. this is nothing new, i have other folders filled with goodies waiting to be left free! guess it’s FINALLY time to share these:
the first two are very edgy and consist of tons of metallics, whereas the following scans are more ‘natural chic’ with a touch of a vintage feel. since my style is forever changing and i can never choose just one decade or just one appearance to dress myself in, this post is perfect for me: no choosing!
Barneys Scan
dabbled with thoughts of an asymmetrical bang, these gals are definitely convincing!
Barneys Scan
recently purchased a top from UO like the smaller photo, it’s black//metallic strips and im really excited to sport such an edgy style!
Barneys Scan
layers, layers LAYERS!
all about them!
Barneys Scan
if you can get past the slightly scary photo effect here the outfit is really great, esp that huge bag. i could even fit my enormous camera in that thing, along with all of my other ‘supplies’!
Barneys Scan
i am really digging both outfits here, i would totally wear the guys jacket and hat. and the lady’s cropped pants with those suede clogged looking heels-yes please!
as a matter of fact, anytime i browse through Barneys catalogs i am left feeling very envious of all the shoppers out there who can ACTUALLY purchase anything from that store. whereas i am left to daydream…