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First of all, happy long weekend and Independence Day! I wanted to share these really cool 35mm photos Dustin took several months back with a roll of Lomography film using his grandfathers camera. I posted about some regular 35mm back in April, see the photos in this post.


On our walk to the festival at Atlantic Station, the mechanical engineer couldn’t resist this smokestack from the original steel mill.


Dustin nailed this shot, we had to get permission to get this close since there was a security fence but this photo was worth bugging the security guard!

Before entering the concrete madness!



We really enjoyed our round two experience at Shaky Knees, read about it in detail in this post.

Bike love, that blue light leak is awesome!

Keeping cool at Dogwood Festival, wearing Cynthia Rowley shirt, Superga sneakers, and H&M shorts (promise I’m wearing pants!)


Flynn judging all the cyclists and runners on the Beltline. His favorite thing is to chill on the ledge of our window, which is somewhat terrifying to us because we are technically on the 4th floor. Since it’s gotten so hot we aren’t able to open the windows as much, in turn we are having less panic attacks!

On another note, I know I’ve been slacking on LF posts, I was on a roll there for a while and lately just find myself so exhausted at the end of the day. Between keeping up with the new site, I Spy Atl, and daily life I just don’t have a ton of content for this blog. Actually right this second I’m working on this post and TWO for I Spy, definitely respect ladies who juggle blogs and have a family, don’t know how they do it! I do know that it’ll come back to regularity organically like it has in the past, as I’ve always gone through phases of blog productivity, so just bare with me!

Have a safe and fun weekend!


14298742451_843d5b009a_bWelcome to Mountain Laurel Farm Bed and Breakfast!

After pulling into the gravel driveway and meeting our host, Melody, we felt right at home!  She told us that we were actually the first guests after making it an official bed and breakfast so we’d get extra special treatment, score!  She also told us that they’ve booked 11 weddings already since they put it on the web as an event space, when you see the below photos of the barn, you’ll know why it’s already a hit!

Since our trip was SO SHORT after we arrived we quickly got a tour, set our stuff down and headed out for the hike I recapped in the last post. When we got back and got cleaned up we got a tour of the barn and walked around the property before heading out to dinner at Melly’s (mmm…grilled trout!) When I was pulling images for the post I sadly realized I didn’t take that many photos of the home’s interior which is a shame because it was nicely decorated and beautiful–like something you’d see in a Southern Living magazine!  Sometimes it’s just nice to soak it in and live in the moment and not worry about documenting, though I do love to snap photos of most everything! Here’s what I captured–

14320949103_bcde9001da_b14298843262_d757b8672d_bThis was our Paris themed room.  Above the bed are Melody’s grandmother’s vintage hats. They were each so pretty and detailed, she told us the center one is the one her grandmother wore at her wedding. You can’t really tell but it’s a deep teal with black ribbon.

14115403867_883e2fbfbc_b14300065142_60d3507767_bThey made this walkway down to the barn using old doors from the property. I imagine that’s where brides will walk through making their entrance to the barn for weddings, so dreamy!

14278848626_6f4f2f8986_b14301931355_61475ce671_b14114228597_bf940a13f6_bThis was our breakfast feast Melody made, she’s quite the cook!  That morning I woke up BECAUSE I smelled bacon, now that’s living the good life on vacation!

14115414797_f0efe24827_b14300011472_bc64de168f_bThis is the original homestead-now free standing-fireplace near the bed and breakfast’s property. If I was a bird, I’d definitely live here!

14301949455_811ef041d4_bTouring the barn, Dustin was snapping photos of all the decor while Melody was telling me about all the renovations they’ve done and plan to do before the weddings start. I was asking lots of questions and taking mental notes since my favorite idea thus far is a barn wedding. Below is the loft that will eventually be an additional space for events. The light coming in was so moody, hope they keep it slightly open.

14277645326_9a16a05e62_b14301436914_ed1330ce9f_b14114081799_7c55ef9290_b14322125053_3af140e351_bThe tail-end of our short getaway was visiting Wolf Mountain Vineyards in Dahlonega, GA.  My old roommate Lisbeth was always talking about this place and how awesome it was so we said we’d meet up for drinks which kept getting put off. Well we finally did and I was pleasantly surprised at how big it was, it’s like a small version of a California Vineyard!

winejpgMy favorite white wine is Chardonnay so we selected this bottle of a limited release. It was delicious! I prefer buttery oaky chards and this was on point–not too tart or sweet.

14278806966_f7d7d7f179_bI’m wearing a Banana Republic dress, Clarks desert boots, Jcrew bag.

We decided we didn’t need to take an official tour since Dustin was certain he could give us a better tour so we set out and took a little adventure around the vineyards.  As we all expected the “tour” Dustin led was hilarious and “informative” though we found out most of the information was made up!

14115314250_e4c3bfca8c_b14115295788_b6da8035f8_bPhoto of a photo of a photo, taken by our other friends that met us there-thanks Matt and sorry if we’re in your photo bride lady! It was an awesome afternoon hanging with friends with a beautiful view and tasty wine! I’d go back to each part of this trip in a heart beat.

Here is the listing, we both highly recommend!

Have a good and safe weekend!


Recently came across some old black and white photos of my part of town via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) I’d like to share.  As much as I love vintage clothes, accessories and housewares I also enjoy a vintage photo that captures the times when life was a little more…simple. These photos are streets I drive on every single day, where I live and buildings I’ve seen transformed.


Intersection of Piedmont and Ponce de Leon looking north, probably in the 1930s

*Currently there is a gas station on either side of the street and all those cool looking cars are probably in museums. 



Workers move in to fill a huge chasm under Ponce de Leon Avenue in 1955. The cavity at Penn Avenue extended 42 1/2 feet below the street and was 25 feet in diameter.

*We Atlanta drivers recognize this type of construction! Only now it’s covered with a HUGE metal plate (aka bandage) and scares the living crap out of us when we drive over it!


The Sears, Roebuck and Company building in 1979. It would eventually become City Hall East and is now in the process of being transformed in Ponce City Market.

*My home is just behind this massive building that I’ve seen first hand go from an abandoned building to one of the biggest makeovers in ATL, very excited for the completion of Ponce City Market! 


Plaza Drugs has been an Atlanta landmark since 1951. This photo was taken in 1981 by AJC staffer Ray West, who also happens to be Kanye West’s father. Urban Outfitters now occupies this space.  Photo: Ray West.

*This location is pretty rad! They kept it relatively the same on the exterior when transforming it into UO, where I actually worked at a few years back since I was able to walk to it from my apartment that was just around the corner. Really like this strip, which is also home to my fav salon Shear Love and a great boutique called Wild Flag. 


Old Briarcliff Hotel at the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and North Highland Avenue. Photo taken July 14, 1980.

*This went from a hotel to a housing unit for crazy folks and drug addicts, or at least that’s what we speculated lived there because they’d visit us at UO. Now it’s being renovated and turned into apartments which I think is a fabulous idea as it’s a great spot location wise!


The refurbishing of Briarcliff Plaza, at North Highland and Ponce de Leon avenues, was a key event in the rebirth of the neighborhood. This photo is from 1987.



Development of the old Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant (and, behind it, the Kroger) on Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, March 22, 1985.

*So this is where I live! Yep, an old Ford Factory! Despite living next to intense construction over at Ponce City Market my time living here has been great, especially with the location being convenient to restaurants, bars and my personal favorite Kroger!

How neat is this? Love a good Flashback!! Thanks AJC for sharing!  There’s many more photos but these are so familiar to me that they instantly became my favorites.




this past October I was snapped by my friend Matthew Smith of Shadowboxer Photography cruising down Highland Ave. during Atlanta Streets Alive October Halloween Parade Edition in a wacky space girl costume flashing a peace sign.  this month the photo made the COVER of Atlanta Intown in celebration of the upcoming ride that’ll be taking place in downtown ATL! it’s been loads of fun having my friends post on my FB wall and texting with “IS THIS YOU?!”
YEP, its me, Lady Flashy!
Picture 2
ASA started in 2010 and I had the pleasure of attending the very first one with two of my girl friends and posted about it here on the blog, here’s the post!  It’s been neat seeing how it’s evolved and improved. Looking forward to many more rides to come!

interested in participating? you’re in luck since the next ASA is THIS SUNDAY! and this is the first time we’ll be taking over Peachtree Street, which should be interesting especially since the weather isn’t looking ideal, but I’m crossing my fingers and doing my anti-rain dance so maybe mother nature will have mercy on our active souls :)
bring your bike, walking/running shoes, hula hoop, razor scooter or JUST YOU and join us this Sunday from 2-6pm!

Picture 3
visit the ASA website for more information:

HAPPY FRIDAY, yall have a good weekend!


today i am celebrating my 26th birthday, it’s been a month long celebration really.. between concerts, dance parties and cocktails i should say thanks to all my gal pals and friends that have made it special yet again!
-vintage floral blazer, UO tank, Recollection Vintage necklace-

especially my mom, for the past week as i’ve been celebrating my “birthday week” she’s been posting pictures of me from the early years, it’s been really fun actually! thanks for learning to use the scanner mom!
baby flashy!
1st birthday!
mom and memy pretty mom and i (15months old)
at 4 years i was already stealing my dad’s shades and wearing them with attitude!

tonight we’re having a potluck at my loft,
enjoy your SUNDAYFUNDAY!