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Meet the newest addition to the Smith-Winchester-Tater family!  A little tabby tiger named Flynn. A buddy of mine found the dirt covered kitten in his backyard in East Atlanta and posted him on Instagram saying, “found this kitten outside my house, anybody want it? I’m calling it Kurt Russell for now” and since Dustin and I had already been talking about adopting I went to meet him and he was SO SWEET! needless to say it was love at first sight and he came home with me and met Dustin who also fell for him and Tater who wasn’t as big of a fan but has learned to “love” the little dude in small steps.
He had his first check up with the vet today and got a clean bill of health, a few shots and we found out he’s around 10 weeks old. He’s a lot more hyper active than any of my previous kittens but super fun and playful! My favorite thing he does is perch on shoulders and I’ve already taken lots of pics with him sitting on my friends like a parrot! 
All of the above photos were taken with my 50mm 1.4 lens with no edits, even the black & white one was shot in monochrome-LOVE how they turned out. it’s been quite difficult to catch him sitting still so I was happy to get him being sweet and innocent! 
While some of my friends are having babies, I on the other hand am not quite there, I’ll take a feisty feline for now!

From: ME To: YOU

(above photo from my DIY+DRINK for Common Creativ, this is Pumpkin Pie in a Cup, check out the recipe and how to make easy boot socks!) 

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday! The last few days have consisted of a healthy serving of rum balls and toffee, home videos, Catchphrase, comfy clothes and lots of laughter around the Smith house in Bamaland. Figured I’d let my Instagram snaps recap this holiday season. 
Thanksgiving to Christmas in a nutshell:holi_1
-mine and Ryan’s travel cases, his was his grandfathers // caught in headlights in  front of the Asheville UO!
this vintage fur and suede jacket made in Australia has turned into my favorite coat this year // mine and Ryan’s leopard socks, photo by Mallory
the loft in full Christmas swing // Tater exhausted from decorating and wrapping presents 
day after Thanksgiving tailgating on the Quad for the Bama vs. Auburn game (we dominated.) // spiked Sprite :P
staying cozy inside the cabin where we celebrate Thanksgiving // staying cozy inside my humble abode in my new H&M leggings
Cliff got catnip in his stocking, he went cray for about 30 minutes then passed out // 26 year long Smith tradition with my brothers! each year Mom puts out the photos from years past, im soooooo making my kids do the same!holi_3
my snazzy boyfriend is big on the details, and I love it!
per usual, Mom and I decorated the house to the nines!
for Thanksgiving Mom and I hot-rolled our hair, I got a set for Christmas and can’t wait to have bouncy locks all the time! // Dad fishing with an audience
my ladies and I in Decatur for our Christmas Pub Crawl // cutesy decor 
fellow blogger Natalie and I at the Vino & Vajayjayz Christmas Edition
my darlin and I in our tacky Christmas sweaters for the pub crawl, his caught the majority of attention! // the gorgeous Asos dress he surprised me with, long sheer sleeves, peplum, bow and pencil bottom…he did GOOD!
again, hope this Christmas and Holiday Season has treated you well, next up NEW YEARS EVE!
if you are looking for a classy good time for NYE then the place to be is the Highland Ballroom where i’ll be co-hosting a glamourous black-tie-meets-DIY affair! click below photo for ticket information 
(FYI: space is limited, so don’t miss out!)
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