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Factory Flashy: Curious Provisions

I’m starting a new little adventure here on the blog called “Factory Flashy” where I visit workshops and studios around Atlanta that make local goods.  Whether it’s food, crafts, clothes or accessories I want to shed some light on what’s getting made locally by talented folks! My first stop was the Curious Provisions showroom over on the Westside.  They take vintage suitcases from the 40s, 50s and 60s and turn them into portable BOOMBOXES that have Bluetooth capabilities as well as an aux cable and rechargeable battery. The two owners, Javier and David, met while working for Home Depot corporate and decided to set out on their own adventure. Their main gig is a digital design agency, Launch Interactive, but after getting tons of compliments on their suitcase boombox creation they had in their office they decided to launch their online store and that’s when they started Curious Provisions. With celebrities such as Shaq and Bruno Mars owning their goods, I’d say their creation is quite unique! Check out my studio visit-
take your thumper around town! 
around the studio: they love all things vintage including an oldie but goodie classic boombox.
around the studio: their kitchen note cracked me up!
Pamela, a friend and intern turned staff member, sitting at one of the DIY’d sewing table desks, these fellahs are crafty! Pre-speaker’d suitcases.
around the studio: this MC Hammer Barbie is EVERYTHING awesome, my Barbie dolls would have been totally swooning over this guy!
instructions and tags, Pamela showed me the ropes with tagging each piece with their DIY’d tags.
this is what I wore! comfy casual for hanging, chatting and sipping beers.
outfit details: Bill Hallman top, F21 skirt, Superga shoes, Vieta bag and Deck Specks sunglasses (also a locally made brand!)

I snapped many behind the scenes photos but due keeping their designs confidential I promised the guys I wouldn’t post the photos but I will say the insides of these things are pretty cool! Also, LOUD, these things can reach 200 watts! As big fans of EDM (electronic dance music) the guys wanted the boomboxes to be able to produce high quality sound.

Thanks Javier and David for allowing me to hang and check out the studio and Pamela for giving me the whole opportunity and idea for this new adventure!

visit their website for more details and check back for more FACTORY FLASHY posts!