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Happy 2014 TO ALL! Haven’t been able to do a “real” blog post since Christmas day and I’ve missed it so much! SOOO, what do you think of the new look? Made the switch and so far really liking WordPress and don’t plan to change it up EVER AGAIN as it’s a huge pain to get everything moved over correctly, etc. etc.

Bet you’re wondering what’s happened since Christmas, ya? Well, things have actually been pretty quiet, no, really! My friends and I threw a fancy potluck NYE bash in East Atlanta but really other than that it’s been low key life around these parts. Mostly due to a transition in my home with my last roommate moving out to head north to Colorado and getting the place ready for a new roomie to move in this week. Had to replace furniture that was sold/taken and just now getting my home back to feeling normal.  Redoing your home in the midst of the holidays isn’t ideal but revamping feels good especially since the place needed a good scrub down!

I’ll be putting together a “Best of 2013” post so check back in the coming days!

Date Night

meet my new “bed jacket”
bed_7 bed_3 bed_8 bed_1 bed_2 bed_4 bed_5
bought this pretty little lady on sale at Anthropologie and you can say we’ve already hit it off! so soft and silky with a perfect shape and transitional pattern it was a great spontaneous purchase.
as you can see my hair is in it’s awkward growing out stage, sucks but i don’t want to cut it though i need to do something so it doesn’t lay so weird for the next few months. 
these pictures are from Friday night’s date with my boyfriend, we ate a delicious Southwestern meal at Agave-try it out if you’re in the Atlanta area! (great for a date!)
hope yours weekend was splendid!

bed jacket: Anthropologie, dress: small boutique purchase, boots: Bakers, bag: vintage, watch: Michael Kors

Days of The Dead

you could say im a little behind posting Halloween photos, but then again wouldn’t it be called a Flashback??
plus, in my defense i dressed up a billion times, as usual, so i had to gather all the photos. i can truly say these are DEF worth the wait, lets begin with
mother nature totally shat on us this day with the worst rain storm yet. but that didn’t stop fellow Zombie friends and i from trekking throughout Atlanta scaring the innocent and looking classily UNdead.
other Zombies left a trail of blood, not only in the cemetery but ALLLLLL over the city. didn’t feel that bad about the vandalization since it was being washed away by the rain..and it was nuts seeing ‘blood’ on cars, walls, Marta stations and elsewhere. you had to be there to fully understand!
such a classy UNdead man, right!?!
Harmony was the sacrificial bride. she didn’t mind.
my Zombie Attire Deetz:
dress: Wet Seal, jacket: Target, tights: UO, boots&bow: Vintage
PS//above photos taken with a $1.00 american flag 35MM disposable courtesy of Cornman!
moving along to Zombie Prom, hosted by Sorry Darlin as a part of the last SQAURE PEGZ ever!
Sarah and i were loaned “prom” dresses from Rosa of BodegaATL. mine was detailed with bright squiggly velvet and had tulle underneath that make it fluffy at the bottom which was much fun to dance in!
a little background story on my headgear…
it was found at a Cracker Barrel-weird huh?? in North Carolina on a roadtrip with my mom and brother. you know how they each have a gift shop built in and while you are waiting for your table its nice to look around at crap you wouldn’t ever buy. BUT to my surprise they had a fabulous Halloween section with all these great headbands, mini hats, and clips. at $9.99 there was no hesitation, just was hard deciding which one to pick! i decided on this all black one that has a spider on a web with pheasant feathers sprouting out the top and a great veil.
Kimerie, Myself and H$ caught posing for another photo by Zoe of Sorry Darlin.
crafty Harmony tucked spiders into her fishnets, so clever!
!Monster Mash!
Zombie Queen DJ Minchy Minch and her fellow Promettes looking sharp and dead-like. except for me, i look real ALIVE!
my Zombie Prom Attire Deetz:
dress&purse: Vintage, tights&tennies: UO, ring: GuiltGroupe-?
Friday, October 29th was LazerBeam Kitty at the Highland Inn Ballroom-one of my fav monthly electro dance parties held a Helloween Bash i simply could not miss!
photos by ROSE RIOT
BlackWidow, OctopusMan, ZombieCircusRingLeader, Mia(UMA) of PulpFiction
squealed with excitement when i found this vintage dress at JunkMan’s Daughter in L5P, i thought “How Perfect” since i was searching for Black//Red things that day for my BlackWidow idea. originally i was going to wear the headgear and a black dress with a DIY red glitter diamond .. but then upon discovering this piece decided to play on the spider and widow aspects of my idea. additionally i was THRILLED to wear my newly purchased black lipstick. but upon applying i realized it hardly showed up :(( so i improvised with black eyeliner, the lipstick and a shade of red. the outcome was A-Ok with me!
photos by ROSE RIOT
Elizabeth makes a magnificent ring leader, even in dead form! killed by a runway, pissed off elephant she rose from the dead to boogie down till early morning!!
photos by ROSE RIOT
“oh, Reginald…how i miss you dearly, you will never be forgotten.
however, your live insurance policy is quite enjoyable…le sighhh”
my Black Widow Attire Deetz:
dress&necklace: Vintage, gloves: JunkMans Daughter, bracelets: assorted H&M//Vintage
well, thats the jist of my Nov//Oct celebration of Halloween. EXCEPT a few other parties that i will be posting separately, and one of them You Don’t Want To Miss. its actually the night of Oct. 30th when i was involved in a production//fashion show at MJQ-Electroport to Inferno…stay tuned!

//Social Club//

back in the “day” there was a super mega dance party over in Decatur, GA called Decatur Social Club. while this was before my times in ATL the mastermind, Preston, has revived the scene a couple of times in recent months. first with the “Reunion” party and then last month with the “Fall Revival” throwdown. many friends and i attended the event, first hitting up ABV Gallery for Iain Macarthur’s showing of his “Entrance” mash up.
Amber’s looking great as usual, sporting her new haircut-LOVE!
Chanel in a stunning tangerine dress hanging on the patio of Marlay House.
DJ Martina McFlyy and friend rocking out some sweet threads, including those fabulous Jeffrey Campbell heels i love so so so much but could never walk in :((
Chamese of Style Fidelity and i reunited after a year long internet-only relationship having met at a yard sale last summer-sooo good to see YOU!
thigh-highs! need some of these in my life-now.
this cutie works at the Bill Hallman in L5P and had on a darling outfit with my fav pattern of the moment-black LACE!
Sorry Darlin photographer, Zoe, struttin a unique romper and mixing in patterned tights magically!
got my hair cut at Bodega and have been slacking getting a photo up on the blog of my new do, they are much longer now but i’m getting them trimmed up real soon. bought this dress for a wine party the roomie and i threw and loved it SO MUCH i wore it out the very next day-which is very rare for me, hahaha, but isn’t it darling!?! kinda reminds me of a Betsey Johnson number…im also real stoked on my boots, purchased from Target and made by Dolce Vita ((My FAV shoe line!!)) for only $24.99 they are def my go-to shoes of the winter!
Dress: Kimchi Blue-UO, Boots: Dolce Vita for Target, Bracelet: H&M, Bag&Scarf: Vintage
Coreen showing off her new buzz-do, which i find to be very chic, my only wish is that you could see the detail of her make-up which includes white eyeliner, RADNESS!
Megan && Loukia wearing head-t0-toe awesome, these besties are such fashionistas!
Colin could not possibly walk out his door looking anything but fashion-forward. always has a feather or two peaking out of his locks and wearing some sort of kick ass outfit! you go DUDE!
silly fun times in the Sorry Darlin photo booth with dozens of props to choose from, it never got old!
LOTZ more where these come from on SORRYDARLIN.COM
such a fun party, can’t wait for another SOCIAL CLUB meet up!