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Temperatures have significantly dropped in Atlanta and it has me craving blazers, layers, thick slacks, wool, scarves and all things FALL. When images of Steven Alan’s Fall Lookbook popped up on Refinery 29 I fell hard in love with the tomboy chic looks- here are my faves and what I like most of the ensembles:
LEFT//really want to invest in a matching semi-casual suit & RIGHT//tomboy layers
LEFT//again with a casual suit set, in particular with this one the length of the pants & RIGHT//entire look!
LEFT//jumpers for life & RIGHT//high socks with sneakers 
LEFT//a large gingham print blazer skirt combo worn with sneakers, UM YES & RIGHT// nerd chic, it’s a thing.
LEFT//winter whites & RIGHT//winter baby blues
LEFT//unsure what’s happening here-pj dress over pj pants? don’t care, love the pattern and spotted square prints on several fashionistas during the various fashion weeks & RIGHT//shorter slacks with sneakers and high socks is a look I’ll definitely be rocking!

They nailed it with the structured yet casual feel of the designs. I told my boyfriend “if I only had THESE PIECES right here in my closet I’d be set” and I mean that, I think each article is versatile and would go great with one another or mixed with non-Steven Alan attire. Since the brand is a bit out of my price range (that’s an understatement!) I’ve got to just keep these styles and shapes in mind and find similar versions at retailers such as Zara and H&M, sorry SA, I’m just not a baller. *yet* 

UP NEXT: A fun shoot with a local DJ styled by a local boutique, a visit to a shop that takes vintage suitcases and turns them into boomboxes, outfit post AND the last of my shoot with Betsy at Oakland Cemetery!!
*not in any particular order…

~but first I’m getting ready to be in my best bud’s wedding this weekend!