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First of all, happy long weekend and Independence Day! I wanted to share these really cool 35mm photos Dustin took several months back with a roll of Lomography film using his grandfathers camera. I posted about some regular 35mm back in April, see the photos in this post.


On our walk to the festival at Atlantic Station, the mechanical engineer couldn’t resist this smokestack from the original steel mill.


Dustin nailed this shot, we had to get permission to get this close since there was a security fence but this photo was worth bugging the security guard!

Before entering the concrete madness!



We really enjoyed our round two experience at Shaky Knees, read about it in detail in this post.

Bike love, that blue light leak is awesome!

Keeping cool at Dogwood Festival, wearing Cynthia Rowley shirt, Superga sneakers, and H&M shorts (promise I’m wearing pants!)


Flynn judging all the cyclists and runners on the Beltline. His favorite thing is to chill on the ledge of our window, which is somewhat terrifying to us because we are technically on the 4th floor. Since it’s gotten so hot we aren’t able to open the windows as much, in turn we are having less panic attacks!

On another note, I know I’ve been slacking on LF posts, I was on a roll there for a while and lately just find myself so exhausted at the end of the day. Between keeping up with the new site, I Spy Atl, and daily life I just don’t have a ton of content for this blog. Actually right this second I’m working on this post and TWO for I Spy, definitely respect ladies who juggle blogs and have a family, don’t know how they do it! I do know that it’ll come back to regularity organically like it has in the past, as I’ve always gone through phases of blog productivity, so just bare with me!

Have a safe and fun weekend!


I’ve been to more concerts than I could ever tally up and so many of them hold a special place in my memory for one reason or another. my first ever concert was Clint Black and Reba McEntire with my folks when I was in 1st or 2nd grade living in Montana. I can barely remember this one but still hold on to the memory of my brother crying cause he thought Reba was going to sing so long that Clint wasn’t going to come out- good stuff! there are so many different experiences you can get from a concert-there’s the shows you sweat like crazy while dancing your bum off and then there’s shows you sit and listen while peacefully taking it all in with goosebumps from head to toe. last weeks Mumford & Sons was a little bit of both! Dustin and I tried to get there in time to ride the Ferris wheel but unfortunately ATL traffic prevented that from happening but we did get to play in the Centennial Olympic Park’s fountains, grab some beers and fish tacos and squeeze into a spot on the lawn grabbing a seat on our picnic blanket for the openers-Bear’s Den & The Vaccines.
my concert look: Target top, Free People skirt, Anthropologie boots, UO bra, Oakley shades, vintage bag
since I had my 50mm lens it was difficult to get concert shots from where we stood but I did like this one [above] though it didn’t capture the neat lights they had strung over the crowd that looked like backyard/cafe style. such a nice evening for a concert downtown overlooking the city, holding hands with my babe. 

in a FLASH

developed a Kodak 35mm camera and very pleased with the outcome, it had 39 exposures so i had to pick and choose but here are some fond memoriez of the past months..
at the Sound Table with my girl, dj Taradactyl
artist swamp donkey hit up Loose Nuts Cycles [Kareem’s cycle shop, website HERE] with this original mural, i have many more photos but must hide the artist’s identity before posting, stay tuned!
Kareem and I at the Atlanta Stomp blades competition
my 2010 prom date!
got aerobisizzzed with jamey over at The Ballroom
vegan potluck party at Elizabeth’s loft, another prom style photoshoot-weee!
Mint Gallery after-party at Estoria in the Old 4th Ward errea with the roomie!
September’s Sloppy Seconds
check out jamey’s new DOCS! totally jealous!
:)) my twinkie :))
disposable fell taking a photo of something ((??)) and this became double exposed-LOVE LOVE LOVE! reminds me of my 120mm diana film.
party people!
sloppy was pleased to have Kissy Sellout all the way from the UK!
hot N sticky II, hanging with Kat!
tree-laxin in the outskirts of East Atlanta with My dude, Kareem
we [kareem and i] spontaneously decided to hit up the abandoned haunted burnt down prison outside of EAV…i wasn’t wearing the most appropriate gear [tube dress && strappy sandals] but we had an afternoon I WILL NEVER FORGET, and you’ll never know about! heheheh
so much wacky graffiti around the prison, some very very bad, but lots of goodies to look at, meanwhile keeping all earz open for bums, ghosts, name it, it could have been out there!
Alice of Crystal Castles!
purchasing another one of these guys soon, disposable cameras are
well my weekend got started last night with a Ladiez Only vino party…Ash and I cleaned up the house real good and had us a little house warming shindig that was a sweet sweet success!
.photos soon.
have a fabulous wk.end y’all!