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Here’s a super comfy outfit I wore to work then spiced up with a vintage scarf for last night’s Free People Festival Series party. I have a whole different post planned with the photos I took of the event I just wanted to quickly share this look.

Shirt: Target boyfriend tee, Scarf: Vintage from Nana, Bag: Birthday gift from my sweet Dustin from local Designer KMM & CO,  Jeans: Gap, Sandals: Birkenstock, Shades: Kate Spade, Bra: Free People


All about comfort! Have a good and safe weekend friends!


I know it’s already mid week but I still want to share this past weekends moments and outfit via some Instagram photos and a snap Dustin took of my new overalls. These days my weekends are somewhat different than they used to be. I’ve realized that when Friday rolls around we are usually more inclined to do things at the house or a friends house keeping it low key so that Saturday we can get up early and get to work on our to-do lists.  I like this adult life that has been evolving over the last couple of years. Partying has slowed down and I cherish nights in like I never thought I would. I appreciate quite time and slow cooked meals. But don’t worry, I still like to get out and about every so often and go dancing with my ladies-some things won’t ever change :)

Remember those looms in my last post? Well these are some of the pieces I’ve made from them using alpaca yarn, cotton and wool roving.
Saturday afternoon was spent doing chores, going to the gym and making a Lowes trip. That night we went to check out Evan Leggoe’s art opening at Hodge Podge Coffee followed by board games and whiskey drinks at Christina and Derek’s adorable midtown duplex.
I wore this Sunday to brunch at Parrish with my long time girl friend Ashleigh and continued to wear it through the day during and event I hosted (details below).  Don’t mind my glowing white winter skin I’m mostly showing off these new Free People overalls I scored at Avalon location! Also wearing- Loft top, Sam Edelman boots, Madewell bag and necklace and TOMS shades.
This is the inside of Parrish, I don’t know what it is but there’s something about antlers I’ve always really liked, even as a kid.  Currently we have way to many to count in our home and we’re about to get a full deer head!
Sunday’s event was a doTERRA essential oils class and party. Dustin’s cousin Elizabeth has been using doTERRA for a little while now and asked if I’d be interested in hosting an event for my friends. So I got some wine and snacks and had about 12 friends come over to learn about the ways of doTERRA. It was so fun! Dustin and I walked away with the family starter pack to try that includes bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue blend, Breathe blend, DigestZen blend and On Guard blend.  I’ll report back with which we like and what works!

Lastly here are some of my closest friends hanging on our little home’s stoop.  Not pictured are the seven stray cats I’ve been feeding every day.  Short story. I moved to this new home, started feeding two and they told their friends and now there are seven. I have such a soft spot for stray animals.  There are only two that enjoy being pet but the others have already started trusting me a lot more.  Dustin wasn’t really on board at first with feeding so many outside animals but has come to enjoy their odd behavior and company. It’s hilarious when we’re in the backyard doing projects and look up and have an audience!

Till the next post (which I don’t know what that is yet) have good days and nights and keep up with me on Instagram @ladyflashback

weekend wear 05

overalls denim stripes
I know it’s almost a new weekend but I have a good excuse for just now getting my ‘weekend wear’ up; my laptop has died. I keep holding out waiting for it to turn on but sadly, I think it’s gone for good. I mean I bought it in 2007 so it’s been a darn good computer! Now I’ve got to extract everything off, most importantly my programs! Ugh, don’t even want to think about that headache right this second so onto my outfit!
overalls denim stripes
Target overalls, Free People hat, Bar III shirt, Madewell bag, Birkenstock sandals, Toms shades.
overalls denim stripes
This week’s been pretty laid back and after a packed weekend it’s definitely what we needed!

On Sunday we have three venue visits; 2 barns and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center-so excited to get the ball rolling!

white space

jess_1As I imagined, so far 28 doesn’t feel that different. Althoughhh I do have many sore muscles since the actual night of my birthday I went to Pink Barre with some girl friends for a complimentary workout. If you’re looking for an all around CORE exercise I’d definitely suggest a barre workout class.  I consider myself to be in shape and still struggled with some of the positions and motions. Upon hearing it was my birthday the owner gave me a pink tierra to wear, it was a great time and the most healthy bday yet!

But that’s not to say I didn’t celebrate. Since March 25th fell on a Tuesday we did the celebrating on Saturday the 22nd. That afternoon Dustin surprised me with a gift from Free People that contained the most comfortable, flowy maxi dress I’ve ever worn!  I actually blogged about it here. While the “red” color that I originally wanted wasn’t in stock in my size, I’m much happier with the black since the dress wasn’t actually red and more of a pink. After giving him many hugs and kisses we went to the Bookhouse Pub for a beer and then met up with a group of friends at Nakato for hibachi. The food and atmosphere was great! We partook in a saki bomb and then were off to sing our hearts out at Karaoke Melody on Buford Highway.  We had a medium sized private room, 2 mics, a flat screen tv and 5,000+ songs on an Ipad to our disposal for 3 hours!  Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! My Asian themed birthday was a sweet success!

13438793053_f712b03986_bjess_213439036204_c30d930f8f_bjess_5jess_3Outfit details- Free People dress, vintage Kenneth Cole bag, Sam Edelman boots (just ordered them in black I love’em so much!) TOMS shades and UO bra.

I’m very excited for tonight’s plans that include a Southern Blogger Society meet-up at Monday Night Brewery AND a mixer at Studio South.  Looking forward to meeting a few local bloggers I haven’t met yet as well as visiting the photography and graphic design studio for some networking. I’m predicting a very tired Friday..

All photos edited with VSCO’s Agfa Vista 800 Film by yours truly and snapped by Dustin.

Little Striped Dress

Since it seems I’ve come down with something and I don’t feel well, thinking allergy related, I’m going to keep this short. I’ve worn each of the following pieces sometime on the blog but here is a look I wore out to dinner Sunday night:

12961305214_966eb7dfab_b12961299314_1eae09b470_b12961018443_5ae4421b8d_bHere is the new tattoo I got done at Southern Star Tattoo on Valentines Day night with Dustin. Like I mentioned, his is a larger version of this puzzle piece but we both wanted the same one as we think of each other as the other’s fitting piece.  I’m so in love with this little tat, healed so quickly and looks great!

12961303384_eced1594fc_bI’m wearing a cape I got from a friend, Loft dress, Nine West shoes, Madewell socks and TOM sunnies.

Even though I’m not feeling well I’ve got a fun weekend to look forward to and supposedly Georgia is going to be sunny and WARM! Enjoy the rest of your work week, Flashy.