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Feeling Free Spirited

So Saturday night was my friend Kristie Jo, Emily, and Amy’s Era Christmas Cocktail and my-0h-my was it splendid.  It was held in Northport at Emily’s adorable new house that was so cute I could barely control myself. My boyfriend and I went with the 60s, of course, and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an era missed by any party people.   There was glorious amounts of food; vege bean dip, white bean chicken chili, corn chowder, green bean casserole, along with all the fixings. The gals even had balloons!!  Outside was a fire pit where I was parked next to for a good bit of the evening.
Here are my favorite photos from the night,

Beth Ann and I striking a pose in the lovely kitchen.

I just adore this cupcake tree, and the treats were delish!

I went home with the gray one  

Playing around the table of goodies.

The prettiest cake cutters these eyes have seen

The most relaxing party dress there is.

The Sagittarius Party Girlies

You can’t tell but his shirt is really retro with the collar and cut, we coordinated so well with the gold, green and red. 
Love it. 

Miranda wore 80s, as expected :))  It’s funny, all the girlfriends have their eras they tend to stick with. 

Hands up, one of my favorite parties.

Dress: Vintage
Boots: Vintage
Ring: Baltic & Citrine from Key West, Local Colors