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hidden treasure

top: YaYa via UO, skirt: F21, sandals: UO, purse: vintage, beaded bracelets: H&M, silver bracelet: vintage, watch necklace: vintage,
can you spy the enormous disco ball pictured above? (hint: 1st photo)
scored that baby on the side of the road taking these photos! someone just threw it out (and for safe keeping i hide in these bushes while shooting..)
pretty much, my life is now complete-especially with all the disco parties i get when the sun shines juuuust right
added some links of really great arm party shopping sites to the previous post so be sure to check out the update!
happy weekend yall,





all photos via Jak & Jil
in the words of the Man Repeller, check out these badass ARM PARTIES!
my personal favorite is the first party, love the bright colors especially the orange braided piece which i may have to
A. locate B. DIY
currently working on a friendship bracelet pattern i learned via Honestly WTF and let me tell ya-it’s quite time consuming! totally worth it once i get finish though, about half way there.
hope everyone had a marvelous weekend-
** ps: thanks for the sweet birthday wishes some of you gave to my boyfriend, that was very thoughtful **

here are a few sites that have what you need for your next arm party
(LOTS of good designers, a favorite of mine is Ettika)
(so many styles to choose from!)
(fun DIY’d pieces that are affordable for all party people!)
have fun shopping!

books and bracelets

peace_4 copy
arm party, left to right:
Lucky Brand, Dad’s old Seiko watch, Lucky Brand, Miss B
peace_3 copy
outfit details: tank: H&M, shorts: Alice + Olivia, sunnies: Cheap Monday

picked up a bunch of books at a local book store that is sadly going out of business. gave the tequila book to a gf who i knew would appreciate it :) and the others are for me, my home and garden!
i am very excited to finally post these shorts, don’t know how it’s taken me as long as it has because i wear them nonstop but finally snapped a few photos. these are the softest most comfortable shorts i’ve ever owned and what makes them even better is they are by one of my fav designers: Alice + Olivia! i scored these babies at TJ MAXX for $40-can you believe it?! i couldn’t either. guess that part makes them EVEN better,
hope everyone’s having a good week!