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Darling + Dapper

with recent rainy days upon rainy days and random periods of cold fronts that make you question which month it is, my wardrobe has experienced some backtracking resulting in returning to Fall pieces. for example, these two-tone Anthropologie slacks, part light wool/part cotton blend that I wore two weekends ago while hanging out in the White Provisions area paired with some of my favorite recent on-sale scores. these slacks were just $19.99, bag was $60 (and I used a coupon for $15%) and top was $39.99, gotta love some deals!
speaking of, I know I’ve admitted this several times but just for good measure I’ll say it again: I LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN. while I wish I could buy full priced pieces from shops like Madewell, Anthro, Free People, Jcrew, (INSERT SO MANY MORE HERE…) I just, can’t. even if the funds are there and I’ve convinced myself I “deserve” something new and amazing for one reason or another, I still go for the deals. looking back, I suppose I have my mom to thank for instilling this in my brain as she wouldn’t buy things full priced and insisted that “it’ll always go on sale” and she’s right. I’ve worked in many retail stores and saw this for myself so I usually follow that golden rule while shopping but oooooccasionally treat myself to a full priced item every now and again.. 
Perry Ellis button down, Billy Reid tie, Asos slacks
had a few day drinks and threw darts at Ormsby’s which has a great wine and beer list and TONS of fun games, highly recommend for day or night. 
a stern Silver Foxxx :P
new fave white wine: Cambria’s Chardonnaydouble_bright
Darlin + Dapper
I’m Wearing: Dear Creatures blouse, Anthro slacks, Zatchels satchel purse via, Sixtyseven boots via, iced Americano via Octane on Howell Mill

Happy Humpday!
next up: either a INSTA-FLASHY post since it’s way overdue OR a Street Style inspiration post…..I’ll surprise you!


Dear Creature

hope you enjoyed the last post written by my Silver Foxxx! pictured here is my outfit from our SaturDATE.
check out this inside of this beautiful vintage Italian leather jacket I scored at Last Chance Thrift Store! aaaand if you look closely, you will notice my blouse is covered in CATS. thanks to the sale section of Dear Creatures, I’ve gotten a hold of a new favorite top! 
additional deets: vintage Saks Fifth Ave. purse, UO socks, Gap belt
 ♥my new and comfy “brogues”♥
fell for those velvet laces! planning to switch them out when it gets warm with some bright laces and wear them with dresses and shorts.

though I hear Fashion Week is going to get some heavy snow I’d still LOVE to be darting from runway to runway catching all the future trends and looks LIVE! someday I’d like to hit up NYFW … until then I’ll be living vicariously through street style and fashion magazine blogs. meh. least we have that much, right??

have a good weekend!