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As a blogger I am constantly checking out other blogs looking for inspiration.  When I spotted Lisa Dengler I was immediately drawn to her girly-meets tomboy-style.  After browsing through her archives I noticed she will pair outfits with flats or sneakers that could have been dressed up but she chooses to keep them comfy, which is my kind of style! She also does wear many shoes I could NEVER wear-unfortunately-but for the most part I can see myself wearing her looks.  These are some of my favorites from her site Just Another Fashion Blog.

shoreditch1 lcm2 oversized2 tumblr_mw5xwwXTwK1qggswco2_1280 tumblr_mva4mp87Vd1qggswco1_1280 MellyLee-LisaDengler003 tumblr_mvhnet2Ndk1qggswco4_1280 tumblr_mwgp3u9UnV1qggswco5_1280 purple3 cottage_5 aberjeans6 pigeons2 tumblr_mvr18plxfh1qggswco6_1280 fluffypink1

**all photos via Just Another Fashion Blog**

Thoughts? Are you inspired by her style as well?


2013 was filled with great memories and outfits! I loved many looks I wore and tried not to photograph ones that weren’t so thrilling.  Slowly but surely, I continued to figure out who I “am” and getting used to the idea of being in my late twenties. A couple friends got married including my old college and Atlanta roommate and dear friend Ashleigh who gave me the title of maid-of-honor.  My parents moved houses, youngest brother graduated from undergrad and older-younger brother bought a loft with his wife.   I met my soul mate and adopted a kitten and learned that not all cats are created equal (or sane).  Per usual I had a blast with my lady friends and Vino and Vajayjayz parties continue.  I signed a new lease breaking a personal record for living in the same household since moving out on my own in 2004, which is a whopping 2 years!  I started freelancing for Jezebel magazine as their street style photographer and took my photography to the next level with a major equipment upgrade with a Canon 5D Mark II.  Blogging, of course, continues to be a passion of mine and I’m thrilled about my newest venture with WordPress.  Life in Atlanta was and is good and only getting better!  Here’s a recap of some of my favorite outfits/looks/moments from 2013-



One of my favorite photo collaborations was with Betsy McPherson who is an old neighbor and friend that I met up with in Grant Park, our old stomping grounds,  for an afternoon of overalls, sparklers and mosquitos. Loved the turn out and the outfits I styled including this Anthro jean jumper, see full post here.



Believe it or not this was the less muddy/rainy day of the 2-day music fest! I’ve been to a lot of music festivals but this one will go down as the fest with the worst weather but nearly tied with day two of Music Midtown. Praying that 2014 is less rainy because I can’t take another year as wet as 2013. See full post here.



After not being chosen in the “lottery” to purchase tickets to this show Dustin and I weaseled our way into getting our hands on Mumford tickets and were so excited to watch them preform at Centennial Olympic Park!  We hung out on a picnic blanket through the openers and then, hand in hand, enjoyed every last note of their tear jerking performance. Such a pleasant evening and I absolutely LOVE the sunlight in this photo! See full post here.



In March I had luau for my birthday at Trader Vics and celebrated turning the odd age of 27.  Didn’t feel too much different from 26 but overall I have noticed a gradual “slowing down” happening with going out and partying. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always have fun but there has been a shift from the early-twenties “fun” to the later-twenties “fun” that I don’t mind a bit.  I’d much rather have my friends gather around a table for a potluck and drinks than come home from a bar smelling like smoke and have your ears ringing from overly loud music.  There are lots of aspects of this time period of my life I’d like to touch base on and will do so over the next couple months as it’s almost time for a yet another birthday.

Photo by Darius Soodmand. See full post here.



Two things about this photo: First, one of my biggest blogging goals became a reality when Free People offered complimentary products for me to style and blog.  Since starting my website in 2007 all I wanted to “get” out of the experience-besides archiving my evolving style-was to gain some sort of sponsorship with my favorite brands.  I was ecstatic when I was able to select and style a dress from my favorite boho company! Secondly, this photo is from an event I attended for Jez Magazine where I saw my first in-print street style layout.  I squealed with joy and felt very proud of myself and will remember this moment I shared with Dustin.  See full post here.



A last minute trip to PCB ended up being a very rare experience that involved flying in a private jet down to a beach vacation with five of my girl friends!  We snapped so many “hey look, we are flying on a private jet” pics but who wouldn’t?!  See full post here.



In April, Stephanie and I took a trip to Hawaii that was an experience I’ll never forget for so many reasons! I can’t thank her enough for all she did with helping me make the trip possible.  Having never earned a paid-day-off aka vacation time I don’t go on many legit vacations and she made it happen.  See full post here.



Scored many pretty pieces to add to my wardrobe that I’m currently shaping into the “real me” and less the person I kinda, sorta, think I am or want to become.  Besides those few girls that are born with amazing style I think it just takes time and learning from mistakes to figure out your wardrobe.  Trying to teach myself to remember that quality over quantity is important and to always have a few basics instead of all-loud-and-eccentric-everything, still learning and doubt this will happen overnight!  See full post here.



Another photo collaboration with local photographer Josh Gywn.  His direction and eye for capturing beautiful images was refreshing to work with, this image was my favorite from our day out at Stone Mountain.  See full post here.



Really liked this outfit I wore to a blogger brunch with Kel and Natalie.  Since we were (mostly) sitting down I was able to wear these wedges.  Sucks not being able to wear heels or wedges regularly but I make due with my boots and fashion sneakers. See full post here.


2013 NYE-Soirée in the Stars

Chelsea and I threw a New Years bash at the Highland Ballroom that will be filed in the “Badass Parties” chapter of my life.  We planned it from start to finish, handmade most of the decor, promoted and sold out the event!  It was the first time I set up a photobooth, learning a lot about camera lighting, and overall was very proud of our party planning skills. See full post here.



Got two new tattoos in 2013 including this one that Sam Parker at Memorial Tattoo on Carol Street and I drew up and also the word “curiosity” on the front of my foot.  Strange fact: I have a total of three heart tattoos in various forms. See full post here.



My fondest 2013 moment is finding my love, Dustin, at the Shaky Knees Music Festival in a torrential downpour during Band of Horses. Little did we know we’d be head over heals for one another and planning a future together a short time after the muddy fest.  So thankful and excited for the present and future with this guy!  See full post here.

2013 was an enlightening year with many great memories shared here on the blog and of course experienced in private.  One thing I’d like to work on in the new year is more writing.  I find it to be therapeutic but also want my blog to be image heavy so I’ll be filing thoughts in a whole different area of the blog, sharing opinions on everything from life, movies, music, clothes, love, etc and also bringing in a few contributors!

I’m looking forward to the natural changes and directions that life takes me, I hope you’re looking forward to seeing them here on LF!


photo (27)

Happy 2014 TO ALL! Haven’t been able to do a “real” blog post since Christmas day and I’ve missed it so much! SOOO, what do you think of the new look? Made the switch and so far really liking WordPress and don’t plan to change it up EVER AGAIN as it’s a huge pain to get everything moved over correctly, etc. etc.

Bet you’re wondering what’s happened since Christmas, ya? Well, things have actually been pretty quiet, no, really! My friends and I threw a fancy potluck NYE bash in East Atlanta but really other than that it’s been low key life around these parts. Mostly due to a transition in my home with my last roommate moving out to head north to Colorado and getting the place ready for a new roomie to move in this week. Had to replace furniture that was sold/taken and just now getting my home back to feeling normal.  Redoing your home in the midst of the holidays isn’t ideal but revamping feels good especially since the place needed a good scrub down!

I’ll be putting together a “Best of 2013” post so check back in the coming days!


(photo set by me, photo provided by Free People)

crazy excited that Free People will be opening it’s doors just miles away at the Lenox mall in Buckhead THIS Friday. tonight they are hosting a pre-opening shopping event/preview and you can bet money I’ll be the first one at the doors (even switched around my work schedule to have the day off and to beat traffic!)

i’ve already heard the store is amazing and neighbors with Anthropologie, can’t wait to see all the Free People decorating magic!

now, if I could only figure out what I’m wearing…

hope to see all you ladies [and bloggers!] out tonight – don’t miss this event!


My FRESH.I.AM Confessional


+F.i.A+ // What is one of the most common misconceptions about you?

JESS // That I was born and raised in Alabama, perhaps this is because I have the state tattooed on my arm but really Tuscaloosa is where I went to college. I call the entire country my “home” since I’ve lived in12 of the states growing up with a pilot dad in the Air Force.

+F.i.A+ // List six items you cannot live without?

JESS // 1. camera!
2. Tater my fluffy bobtail cat
3. pair of boots and 4. pair of sunglasses
5. purse or bag of sort
6. at least one vintage dress

+F.i.A+ // What is your biggest fear?

JESS // Not having enough time to experience everything I want to do before the “after life”, so so many more things to accomplish!

+F.i.A+ // What are your primary vices?

JESS // Shopping is definitely my number one vice but also parties//loud music//dancing and everything between the lines-winkyWINK

+F.i.A+ // If you weren’t an artist or what you do now, what do you think you would be?

JESS // A model. Many times I am left wondering what it would have been like if I listened to friends and actually went for a modeling deal at a younger age.

+F.i.A+ // Famous Last Words?

JESS // It was on sale!

+F.i.A+ // Describe yourself in six words?

JESS // 1. clumsy
2. talkative
3. retro
4. silly
5. trendy
6. tall

+F.i.A+ // Your inspirations & heroes?

JESS // My parents are my absolute heroes as they are always swooping in to the rescue with good advice and a helping hand if needed.

big thanks to Tunde and the rest of the Fresh.I.Am team for the love!
visit for music, fashion, and Atlanta buzz.