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Our weekend was packed with so much fun stuff, just the way we like it!  Started off with meeting friends at The High Museum on Friday evening.  No jazz this time but there was live performance art going around the exhibits which was pretty eclectic.  We only got in about an hour before the museum was pushing us out the door.  It’s funny that it was yet another night we didn’t see that much art because we have a track record of showing up and not getting in but around an hour and this night we tried really hard!  Need to dedicate a whole day and break the curse!

Above outfit- BB Dakota jacket, Madewell jeans and bag, Sam Edelman boots

Puts all my weavings to shame!

Dustin look a little different? I wanted to see his face again and requested the beard be gone but he was digging the stash when he was shaving, so, for now we have this version! His coworker said he looks like he belongs in a barber shop quartet, ha!

Followed by The High we all walked down to the World of Beers for brews and huge pretzels with beer cheese. They serve so many beers they give you an iPad to browse selection!  I liked it because I could narrow down my search with the filters and not get overwhelmed and order something I don’t like. Usually pay the most attention to style but also ABV.  I gravitate towards Pilsners, IPAs and now sours.

Saturday after we made a huge breakfast scramble we went to Warby Parker for glasses. YEP, that’s new. About to turn thirty and I find out I need specs. Astigmatism in both eyes. Felt like it happened over night like I went from an HD tv world to old 80s monitor.

Dustin’s always worn contacts and due to a resent eye infection has been wearing his old college glasses that we both don’t care for so he needed an upgrade.  I went with two because a girl needs options!  Above are the Haskell in burnt lemon tortoise and the Percey in crystal. Not so secretly – I can’t wait! Mostly to see better but also to accessorize with these babies! At two stages of life I got personality glasses to “spice” up my look, haha!


That right there on the upper right is the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve had to date!  I didn’t expect it to wow me as much as it did but holy moly it melted in my mouth. If you had no teeth you could still eat that sandwich! Shake Shack you thoroughly impressed me! I’d say us both but Dustin got the hamburger and was a little jealous of my sandwich after I shared a bite!  Also that beer is wonderful. Must track down.

After shopping and eating we headed North to RInggold, GA to help Dustin’s long time friend surprise his girl friend with a proposal!  I took some stealthy photos while another friend recorded on a hidden camera.  All the while family and friends were waiting nearby to give hugs and share the happiness!

Wearing my other pair of SALT sunglasses. These are the Lionel frames. Light weight while still being durable. So impressed with this brand!

Following the surprise we all feasted on barbecue from Saucy Bones.  Dustin and I explored the grounds and met the above donkeys! It’s mother and daughter! I wish I could remember their names, something old Southern women sounding. Darn. Nonetheless they were adorable and friendly! JUST LOOK AT THOSE EARS / EYES / MOHAWKS!!

Sunday after we ate the rest of that scrumptious scramble from the previous day we got ready and set out for the 28th annual Steamhouse Lounge Oysterfest! First item on the to-do list: shuck some oysters! And find beer better than Bud Light (they were a sponsor)  We opted for roasted over raw and found some Goose Island IPAs.

I mentioned in an earlier post that oysters are a new thing Dustin and I have gotten into. Together this was the first time we had to actually shuck them which I left up to him while I made the little saltine stacks. HE WAS A SHUCKING MACHINE!  Some of the smaller ones were fully cooked while a bunch of the large ones were dang near raw. All in all great time getting dirty and baking in the pre-Spring sun!

Besides the bucket of oysters we had some lobster bisque, a pretzel with beer cheese (yes, again!) and these glorious old bay steamed shrimp. Little squeeze of lemon, dip in the seasoning and dunk in the sauce and all was right with the world!

Slimy and looks like a small human organ but has a beauty to it don’t you think??

So glad for this new found food addiction!

After indulging in underwater sea life we went home to get glam for our friends Oscars party.

Our talented friend Sarah made these bingo boards for funnsies! Wish I took a photo before I started killing it because under all those x’s are funny things like “presenter is white” (if you watched you’d understand the humor!)

Who wore it best?

I’m wearing a vintage dress I’ve had forever and Cristi is rocking a bridesmaid number. Elizabeth did some braids to take my outfit up a notch. So fun getting fancy and rooting on my boy Leo! Yay Leo!

And because I’m a good blogger friend I wanna share with you all this great sale Shopbop is having >>>


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Bloggers and Beers

13527708623_832e394006_bHope everyone is making it through your Monday! I’m pleasantly well-rested even though our youngest cat was doing his best to keep that from happening. Nonetheless, it’s always a good thing to start the work week on the right (rested) foot — though I do enjoy a Sunday Funday from time to time!  I managed to get in all my activities on Thursday and Saturday.  The photos in this post are from Thursdays blogger meet-up at Monday Night Brewery.  After work we sipped beers, munched on chips and salsa thanks to Jessica all the while we enjoying porch times until it got too chilly.

13527938564_275f2db489_b13527739733_0ee7aaa46e_b13527605875_b797a9f30a_b13527595435_a8b4eaf5c4_b13527885304_0b1b31468b_bTop: Free People, Jeans: Wild Flag Boutique, Boots: Sam Edelman, Shades: TOMS

13527686993_c23dd96cd8_b13527680833_f8afc916dc_bEnjoyed hanging with all the blogger babes especially familiar faces like Lauren of Fashionably Lo.

13527745773_3af8041bd1_bSpecial thanks to Monday Night Brewery for giving us a lil discount!


Hey yall, this is Ryan. I’m that sweety sweet sweet boyfriend//Silver Foxxx guy Jess keeps talking about. Because she’s a sweetheart herself, she lent me her blog for this post to tell ya just how much fun we had on our Saturday afternoon date to a brewery; which I took her to for completely unselfish reasons. sort of :P
this wasn’t just any brewery tour. No ma’am, this was Monday Night Brewing’s launch week & it was glorious.  I had the great fortune to visit the space and use MNB co-founders Jeff, Joel, and Jonathan as models in an all men’s pin up calendar I sponsored and organized this past summer. At that time, besides palates upon palates of kegs and the guys playing bocce in the office, the place looked deserted.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the finished product, but here’s my best shot.   
I’m wearing: a Clapham Tie, H&M jacket + shirt, LOVA denim, and ROUGE boots.
More importantly, I’m drinking: the 1st beer of the 4 you get with your $10 entry fee; The Drafty Kilt. It’s a Scotch Ale that is more than a wee bit full bodied weighing in at 7.2% ABV with smoke and chocolate notes that has a lightly sweet finish. 
Believe it or not, it all started in that bucket (to the left) in MNB’s CEO and Supreme Beer Chancellor, Jeff Heck’s, garage.  Now, you can find their beer in growleries (that’s totally a word…promise), restaurants, and coffee shops all around Atlanta. Oh, and they just bought a bottling machine. Finally, Fu Man Brews and movies featuring Fu Man Chus Night can be a thing!
ties = good
 beer = great
Ties + Beer = a beautiful thing
Fun fact: If you bring a tie to donate to the wall, you get $1 off of your entry fee!
MNB_3 copy
“I’m gonna need a moment.”
The space is beautiful.  The beer is magnificent and at $10 a ticket for a tour, 4 nearly full glasses of beer, and your very own MNB pint glass included in the ticket cost; you have no excuse.  Tours are on Mondays 5:30-7:30, Thursdays 5:30-7:30, and Saturdays 2:00-4:00. For your health, drop by 670 Trabert Ave NW, get your tour on, play some shuffleboard, and “Tie One On”…or ya know..several. 

-Silver Foxxx