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Hopefully the curse of the “Summer Cold’ hasn’t hit you like it has Dustin and I this past week. We’ve both been sick, even caused me to miss work, twice!  I haven’t had the energy to post this till now but I’m very excited to share my most recent Instagram takeover with Ponce City Market. Photos were posted on Saturday, August 8th.


Via Instagram:   Hi there! Jess aka @ladyflashback here! I’ll be taking over the Instagram for the day, hope you enjoy and follow along for #myPCM experience!


Via Instagram:  Love all the the details in and around Ponce City Market! Glad to see they kept a lot of the original detailing while also adding modern twists. #myPCM is full of little surprises and there are lots of areas that are open for exploration!

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Via Instagram: The Beltline is a place to be active, escape and take in art and sights.  It’s a place to run into friends, or make new ones! It’s a connection within our city and It’s a part of the #myPCM experience. Pictured here is a new friend I met while biking around, miss @ashleypoulos and some pretty Atlanta wildflowers!

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Via Instagram:  There are a lot of familiar stores opening up but there are some that I just now discovered at #myPCM, such as Goorin Bros. Hat shop.  They specialize in men and women’s hats and also carry an array of accessories. They were founded in 1895 and have operated by the Goorin family for 4 generations, they definitely have the hat business figured out!

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Via Instagram:  I lived at Ford Factory Lofts pre-Beltline and pre-PCM. I watched the foundation outside my window go from city jungle to an active trail. I watched the shell of Sears-Roebuck turn into what is now PCM. I feel blessed living in Atlanta when such great change is happening! Can’t wait to see more of what comes of #myPCM and the surrounding areas!

Next up: a visit to the newly opened Chrome Yellow Trading Co. Spoiler alert: they serve up Stumptown Coffee and it’s DELISH!



A couple of months back Dustin and I bought a membership to the High Museum because we wanted to get in the habit of doing more diverse outings around town. You know, instead of just hitting up parties and dinners, but real talk…who doesn’t love those!?

On Friday we didn’t have plans and thought it was the perfect time to finally use our membership and hit up our friends-Cristi and Derek-way last minute and they were also into going.  We love us some double dates!

Originally we wanted to see several of the exhibits inside but after arriving we quickly got distracted by the performance happening around the Sifly Piassa (ps it’s free and open the public so you could make a night of just hanging around there)

The distraction was the vibrant Los Trompos exhibit by contemporary Mexican designers Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena.  It’s the High’s second large-scale interactive outdoor exhibit and definitely my favorite!  The colorfully woven hut-like creations were so fun and everyone from small children to sweet older couples were enjoying them, including us! Dustin spun me around a few times as I held on to the exterior for dear life (seriously, my guy is strong!)

We happened to go on a night when local sound and composer artist, Ben Coleman, was performing his reaction to the exhibit called “Zoetrope.”  It created a “playground for happy eyes and ears”  (via and made us feel like well-dressed kids playing in public! Pictured here are the “tame moments” haha, hope you like Dustin’s creative vision of tonights outfit post!

Side note: this Billabong coverup is one of my favorite pieces in my closet! And just between us, it was way to hot to wear it, sorta dying here!


My outfit includes a Billabong kimono, Free People tank, TOMS sunglasses, Mother denim jeans, Madewell necklace and Naya sandles.


We really did have a blast. There was another area inside with live music, multiple areas you could purchase drinks (though you couldn’t bring into exhibits so that kinda sucked) and overall a really rad date night out. We concluded with hangs at The Lawrence and deviled eggs. A Friday well spent in the A-T-L for sure!

And lastly, I’ll leave you with a gif of Dustin having fun spinning with his cocktail by the talented Sarah “Slaw” Lawrence!



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Concrete Jungle is an Atlanta-based non-profit that connects the dots between Atlanta’s abundant fruit tree canopy and those in need. In the past 6 years, Concrete Jungle has donated 17,000 pounds of fresh local produce to food banks–free produce that would have otherwise rotted in parks, yards, and on streets.

And what’s even cooler is that it’s all been done by the awesome folks that volunteer their time! Going on their 6th year in action they’ve realized they can hardly scratch the surface of the 2,500 fruit trees they’ve mapped.  So now, they are looking to do something new, raise funds to hire their first ever director! As it so happens, the bad-the-bone farmer gal is my buddy Katherine Kennedy. She rules and is definitely perfect for the position!  As mentioned on my blog’s Facebook page (don’t follow that? please do!) they’re running a campaign and held a fundraiser at Ladybird this past Sunday. The campaign is still live and goes for three more days!

The fundraiser at Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall sold out, go Concrete Jungle! The evening started with a tour of wild fruit trees in the area and then turned into a carnival-themed shindig. New Belgium sponsored the event and they raffled off a cruiser bike. Dustin won a couple tickets from his drone flying skills but sadly we didn’t win the bike, however, supporting and hanging with friends that give their time to those in need was winning enough for us!


While everyone was hanging outside playing carnival games, I took advantage of the empty space and snapped photos of the decor. It’s no mystery why I love this spots’ vibes!



Future director Miss Katherine! Her shirt reads “y’all aint eatin’ ’em”


The carnival games were created by Aubrey, one of the founders of Concrete Jungle. The above game represented how the folks of CJ collect tree fruit. Basically someone shakes the tree and as the fruit falls other folks catch usually with a tarp and not their shirt, but these balls are way less harmful than say, pears! The below game was flying a drone onto tarps, which I heard was easier said than done.  They use the drone to help map out all the fruit trees around Atlanta and have actually made an app for locating them, technology is so freaking cool!


My mechanical engineer fiance was bomb at flying the drone and of course now wants one, ha!






What I wore; romper- C&C California, kimono-Billabong, sandles-Target, sunnies-Kate Spade


Whether you’re an Atlanta native, current resident, visitor or don’t live here at all– Concrete Jungle is doing real good stuff and you should donate!

Fundraiser page here.


I know it’s already mid week but I still want to share this past weekends moments and outfit via some Instagram photos and a snap Dustin took of my new overalls. These days my weekends are somewhat different than they used to be. I’ve realized that when Friday rolls around we are usually more inclined to do things at the house or a friends house keeping it low key so that Saturday we can get up early and get to work on our to-do lists.  I like this adult life that has been evolving over the last couple of years. Partying has slowed down and I cherish nights in like I never thought I would. I appreciate quite time and slow cooked meals. But don’t worry, I still like to get out and about every so often and go dancing with my ladies-some things won’t ever change :)

Remember those looms in my last post? Well these are some of the pieces I’ve made from them using alpaca yarn, cotton and wool roving.
Saturday afternoon was spent doing chores, going to the gym and making a Lowes trip. That night we went to check out Evan Leggoe’s art opening at Hodge Podge Coffee followed by board games and whiskey drinks at Christina and Derek’s adorable midtown duplex.
I wore this Sunday to brunch at Parrish with my long time girl friend Ashleigh and continued to wear it through the day during and event I hosted (details below).  Don’t mind my glowing white winter skin I’m mostly showing off these new Free People overalls I scored at Avalon location! Also wearing- Loft top, Sam Edelman boots, Madewell bag and necklace and TOMS shades.
This is the inside of Parrish, I don’t know what it is but there’s something about antlers I’ve always really liked, even as a kid.  Currently we have way to many to count in our home and we’re about to get a full deer head!
Sunday’s event was a doTERRA essential oils class and party. Dustin’s cousin Elizabeth has been using doTERRA for a little while now and asked if I’d be interested in hosting an event for my friends. So I got some wine and snacks and had about 12 friends come over to learn about the ways of doTERRA. It was so fun! Dustin and I walked away with the family starter pack to try that includes bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue blend, Breathe blend, DigestZen blend and On Guard blend.  I’ll report back with which we like and what works!

Lastly here are some of my closest friends hanging on our little home’s stoop.  Not pictured are the seven stray cats I’ve been feeding every day.  Short story. I moved to this new home, started feeding two and they told their friends and now there are seven. I have such a soft spot for stray animals.  There are only two that enjoy being pet but the others have already started trusting me a lot more.  Dustin wasn’t really on board at first with feeding so many outside animals but has come to enjoy their odd behavior and company. It’s hilarious when we’re in the backyard doing projects and look up and have an audience!

Till the next post (which I don’t know what that is yet) have good days and nights and keep up with me on Instagram @ladyflashback

December Root City Market

This past Saturday I shot my third Root City Market.  It took place over at Stove Works in Old Forth Ward. As always it was a success and a whole lot of fun!  I chatted it up with lots of vendors and friends stopping by. Bought a Christmas gift for Dustin and a cheese/bread board for the new house I’ll be moving into this weekend. The wood came from Front Page News, a bar in Little Five Points, which I thought was very cool!

One of the free activities was a “draw your neighborhood station” made by my roomie, Sarah.  It consisted of vintage inspired postcards she designed that were hung on the window with washi tape that you took down, drew on the back and hung back up with your drawing facing outward. The outcome was so cute and everyone got into drawing their neck of the woods!
Most of the volunteer crew though some were having to hold down the fort! Jen, the creator and curator of RCM is in the center. She’s the sweetest!
Drawing of my current neighborhood, Poncey-Highlands, and my little family :)
The one I got is 4th from the left! Such a neat shape.
Allison of Flower Crown Society made the whimsical wall and ceiling hangings. This is one talented lady!

Good luck wrapping all those gifts and getting your Christmas shopping completed!