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December 20, 2017


Yall! I’m doing it, I’m finally wrapping up our April Europe trip with this post! Without even trying, because it’s been in chronological order, I’ve saved the best for last :)

We really can’t brag enough about Fat Tire tour company! We love them and trusted them with a big percentage of our Spain and France trips.  This tour was also through them and was definitely a highlight for me.  It was a full day trip, 8.5 hours to be exact. We started with meeting at the storefront and packing up in a bus heading to Normandy, specifically a village called Vernon. When we arrived we walked to a mini storage that was so old and rustic it made America’s public storage facilities look like something out of 2089.  From there we saddled up our bikes and hit up the Market of Vernon.

Not only were these strawberries seriously the best I’ve ever had, literally melting in your mouth, they smelled so fragrant too!

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November 28, 2017


One of the activities we both definitely wanted to do while in France was go to Champagne country. We figured the easiest route was going through a tour company so we booked a day tour out to G.H. Mumm and Mercier through our go-to Fat Tire Tours.  Champagne drinker or not, the trek out there and tour is worth it for all~ beautiful small towns, authentic French cuisine (paired with local champagne of course) and lots of history.

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September 19, 2017


Well well well. Look who didn’t forget they went to France and took a bunch of photos..! I’m terrible you guys. Seriously live for the ease of Instagram these days. But I’ll probably always have this blog of trips and outfits past, who am I kidding.

Recap of our 5 days in France, leh go!

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August 11, 2017


Hope you’re not hungry or thirsty, because this post will make you hangry! Not sure the the drink equivalent of hangry, dranky? Sure that works.

You’ve been warned~

Gin drink made up by bartender, Barcelona. So good we had to have two rounds. Little did we know when your bartender is making up the drink, the price is also made up $$$

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