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August 18, 2016



From the second I saw this at the Westside Anthropologie store it spoke to me! I love me some one-piece clothes but this was different.  The width of the leg, the open back, a must have! Wore it out for a date night to celebrate the closing of our first home! Felt like a sexy bohemian that ran a dojo in her spare time. ha!

So yes, we closed on a house. A beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Westside Atlanta. Dangerously close to really great shopping and several taco options. We are so pumped! Move in date isn’t until end of September and since our lease ended, we’re floating. Been house-sitting, house-crashing but no couch surfing YET. Our friends have helped us out trememndously. Thanks guys and gals!

image image

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Jumper-Anthropologie, Hat-Stetson, Purse-Madewell, Shoes-Old Navy, Shades-Salt

In the 2 months we’re bouncing around we’re taking trips and making it the most fun possible. We finally pulled the trigger on a big trip we’ve been going back and forth on, GREECE! I turned 30 in March and Dustin turns 30 over Labor Day weekend and with our 1 year anniversary coming up we decided it was a must! We scored big time on plane tickets-2 round trip tickets to Athens, 1 stop in Germany for 1 hour was $1,068.00-a deal we couldn’t miss out on!!!

Speaking of living it up, I’m currently in LA visiting my girl friend Courtney till Monday! Already seen Shaun Ross and Pauly Shore, I’d say it’s off to a Hollywood sight seeing trip so far! Tomorrow we’re hitting up Palm Springs so follow along on Snap or Instagram for all the behind the scenes or come back for a full recap!

Have a good week + weekend, see you on all the other apps!

October 27, 2014


Lately I’ve been purging my closet by selling, trading and donating unwanted clothes.  My goal is to have more of a “capsule wardrobe” of quality pieces that are more timeless/classic vs. on trend though I know myself and will likely grab a few trendy articles here and there. One color I noticed that is still in abundance is black.  That’s probably because I’ve always felt like head-to-toe black is so chic but I usually like to add a few pops of other colors to break it up.  Definitely ok with having a black wardrobe especially when it comes to Fall and Winter-black clothes in the South during Summer gets a little trickier. Scroll down for outfit details!
What I’m wearing: Free People top, UO bra and jeans, Madewell tote, Nine West boots, TOMS shades, Ali Sage necklace, Chanel lipstick

April 17, 2014


f65c74e41ee8b9d6036519c47a11c3e3If you have an IG account or access to the internet than you are most likely aware that Coachella part 1 happened last weekend. For yet another year I was forced to watch from home but will forever hold on to the memories of the two times I partied down in the desert of Indio, California.  Here are my top 10 favorite looks from the VERY fashionable festival-

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I can’t help it, I’ll always love floral and denim! These are definite inspiration for the upcoming Shaky Knees Fest which I’ll be attending for the second year. Hopefully this time is a lot less rainy and muddy so I can wear some denim and floral!

Have a great rest of the short work week and a Happy Easter!