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April 14, 2015



Sydney Eloise and her band are recording a new album that will drop this Summer on vinyl.  They are aiming to do as much of the process, including album art, in analog form.  I loved this idea and was glad to get involved and shoot some photos of Sydney in the Highlands last week.  Dustin knows the Canon AE-1 way better than I do so he came along to shoot film and I shot instant with the Instax Mini.  Here are some of the photos we snapped —




We had the 35mm film from this day developed at a local shop but went ahead and invested in a scanner to save money now and down the road.  The place in Decatur wanted to charge us a $1 per scan and something like $5 for each print, and we had 5 rolls!  Excited to see how this new equipment changes the way Dustin and I capture memories. Perhaps even more film is in the future!  Even though the art of film has faded there are still photographers putting in the effort to shoot analog, like our wedding photographers. I also really like that Dustin has made it a hobby as well!

From the archives:
Here are links to two film photography posts as well as a shoot Sydney and I did back in June.
Lomography film shot by Dustin 
35mm film shot by Dustin
Sydney at Arabia Mountain

April 1, 2015



Preserving Place is a natural light filled storefront with an interactive kitchen and dining area.  It’s located in Westside Provisions shopping district, one of my favorite areas in Atlanta. Recently my gal pal Sarah Dodge took over the classroom, photography and social media role.  She’s helping spread the word of what they offer and that anyone of any cooking (or non-cooking) background can join in and have some fun while learning skills and recipes.

When the Spring class schedule came out I was drawn to several classes.  As a birthday gift to myself, I attended the Biscuits + Jam class on March 24th with my girl friend Natasha.  When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces as well as meeting some new ones like Blayne of This Photographer’s Life -who is so funny and great with a camera.

The class was a hit, take a look–

16806539399_e86ffbf1cf_k 16991833151_272410eb03_k 16991832501_a7d85415b6_k16372647973_f236b90d80_k

The table was beautifully set while we cooked. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that delicious looking bacon! In between mixing and learning we sipped on wine they provided, keeping things silly and light-hearted!

16991359992_2f846dda58_k 16370362654_cf76db00dc_k

We were put in teams of two and went down the recipe step by step with instructor Sarah leading the way. Our class had some jokesters, myself and Natasha included, along with Conner who’s a local stand up comedian who was challenging the class and cracking us up!  We had fun with it and didn’t take things too seriously which is what I’ve realized I love with the people I know and Atlanta as a whole.

16370363804_641d5e1a2b_k 16805011938_fb4759af75_k

Sarah shared many tips with us, which I won’t give away because you should just join in on the fun! We filled our bellies with biscuits, bacon, wine, fruit preserves and filled our minds with memories of a JAM’n good time!

December 11, 2014


So, so so so, so so soooo THRILLED to share our engagement shoot photos! We both love how they turned out! It was the perfect day to capture our love out at Arabia Mountain especially with all the Fall leaves. Ben and Colleen tag-teamed the evening and caught all the right moments, using both digital and film. Like I mention in the post about why we picked them, the coloring of their photos is dreamy!  I can’t tell you how hard it was to narrow down the selection to a blogable amount-because I wanted to post all 101! But, I don’t want to crash your computer or Iphone so, these are the ones that stood out to me the most-either because of the lighting, the emotions or because they simply RULE!

Of course we had to be silly-it’s us! Dustin had this idea to make it look like I was pulling him up on top of a mountain-turned out pretty good right?!
The first portion of the photos are in the rock quarry side of Arabia Mountain. After getting plenty in that location we moved to the base of the mountain and changed our wardrobe.  For both outfits I wanted to be comfortable and chic while keeping in mind we were in the woods and didn’t want to seem out of place with for example, heels or something way too dressy.  While I normally wouldn’t wear tights out hiking, Dustin assured me it would be fine and I’m happy I did for my dressier look.

Outfit #1 Dress: Free People, Boots: Nine West, Jacket: Target
Outfit #2 Shirt: Target, Jeans: Wildflag, Boots: Sam Edelman
We can never take ourselves too seriously, which I like about us!

Dustin had brought along his grandfather’s camera he inherited to snap a few black and white film photos. Ben suggested we use it as a “prop” since it’s special to Dustin, which was a great idea since we both enjoy photography (a lot!) 14-arabia-mountain-engagement-shoot213-arabia-mountain-engagement-shoot2Am I marrying a stud or what?!

Thanks Ben and Colleen for giving us EXACTLY what we envisioned (but even better!)