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July 25, 2013

Youthful & Free

Sunday, Jezebel Magazine in partnership with the BB&T Atlanta Open hosted a party in conjunction with their most recent issue that highlights Atlanta’s Top 100 restaurants. I attended with the hopes of capturing some “Best Dressed” pics and since that was easy peasy as there were lots of well-dressed Atlantans in attendance, I was then able to partake in the tasty food and play in the photobooth! here’s what I wore:
Dress c/o Free People, Necklace c/o Free People, Cynthia Rowley purse, vintage cuff, rings By Phillip
some people have an accent nail, i have a PARTY nail!
Dustin and I thought the front of this dress looks like an owl, can you see it? I think it makes it so much cooler, not that it needed cool points cause it’s just straight AWESOME.
once we got there Dustin asked “Jess, have you seen your Street Style section in print yet??!” and I exclaimed “NOOO!!!” and we both ran over and flipped to page 58 and then proceeded to OooH and Ahhhh :P then we took the above photos and got filmed doing so by the Modern Luxury videographer, silly awesome moment that I’ll never forget!

the title of this post was actually something Dustin said to me after the party, he said that I looked pretty in my new dress and said that I looked “youthful and free” which made my heart flutter and I thought it was the perfect compliment to me and the dress!


July 5, 2013


this time of year is all about bbq’s, denim, Budweiser American flag cans, citronella candles, backyards and lighting things on fire, amiright?! hope everyone had a grand 4th of July and lit many’a fireworks and sipped many’a gold beers while yelling “America!” like my friends and I did :P we certainly didn’t let thunderstorms stop us from shooting balloons with BB Guns or grilling every form of linked meat under the moon! if I’m not mistaken I have celebrated our nations birthday a total of 4 times with the first round being a Backyard BBQ Bash with my V+VJJZ ladies at Jess Jones’ home in Kirkwood. here’s what I wore:
top via a clothing swap, UO skirt, Sam Edelman boots, vintage backpack, Free People sunnies, headband via Artlantis Art Festival

Happy Friday!

June 25, 2013


though I’ve tried several times to rock odd shaped slacks such as harem pants, carrot top (aka paperbag trousers) etc. I’ve had no luck with my body shape looking even REMOTELY flattering with the structure of the waist. so, I had given up until I spotted these maroon Urban Outfitters slacks at a clothing swap and since they were free I thought, eh ..why not give’em a try? took a lil courage and the right top but I think this outfit is somewhat flattering, trendy and it was extremely comfortable for a Friday afternoon at work and afterwards having dinner with a friend.
LOFT top, UO pants, Frye sandals, vintage bag, Clothing Warehouse sunnies 
playing around with layers, discovered this fun film reel in Photoshop!
thanks to my roomieboo who snapped these sharp pics! she’ll make an appearance on the blog soon, should  share some of her killer art!
hope everyone enjoyed the first official weekend of Summer! mine included biking around Piedmont park, tossing the frisbee and eating fresh chips and salsa, all with SPF 45-just needed to get in a lil pool time and it would have been complete!!
xoxo, Flashy

May 31, 2013


you never know what the heck is going to happen and where the paths will lead but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I very rarely have regrets. especially with relationships because even if it didn’t work out, chances are you both learned something about yourself and have a bunch of good memories to take with you onto the next journey. all this being said, I’m basically getting to the fact that my relationship with the “Silver Foxxx” ended last week.

so now it’s back to being a:

 many things factored into the split but one main hurtle that put a strain on things was not living in the same city. an hour and a half trek when you both work mon-fri often times till 6pm or later means you basically have the weekends to spend with one another. most weeks we’d have Wednesday as well but still..starting and building up a relationship not living in the same place at any point proved to be more difficult than I thought. like I said, many factors came into play with the ultimate decision to go our separate ways and I don’t normally put my personal life out in the open but so many people have asked and expressed concern and he had a presence here on the blog so just putting the news out there..

all in all, everything is great and I couldn’t be happier for the next chapter!  
Single Lady Attire-
necklace: UO, sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs, top: F21, jeans: O2 via WildFlag, boots: Rag O Rama
what’s next? don’t know but I’m real intrigued!
I’m really thankful for all the support and love from my friends + family. man, I’m truly lucky! it’s never easy when a relationship ends no matter the circumstances and I am fortunate to have great people in my life.

speaking of, a group of my gal pals and I went to Panama City Beach on an adult Spring Break adventure that was JUST what the doctor ordered! epic pics coming up next!
watch out Atlanta and surrounding area, Flashy’s on the prowl!

May 22, 2013

Darling + Dapper

with recent rainy days upon rainy days and random periods of cold fronts that make you question which month it is, my wardrobe has experienced some backtracking resulting in returning to Fall pieces. for example, these two-tone Anthropologie slacks, part light wool/part cotton blend that I wore two weekends ago while hanging out in the White Provisions area paired with some of my favorite recent on-sale scores. these slacks were just $19.99, bag was $60 (and I used a coupon for $15%) and top was $39.99, gotta love some deals!
speaking of, I know I’ve admitted this several times but just for good measure I’ll say it again: I LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN. while I wish I could buy full priced pieces from shops like Madewell, Anthro, Free People, Jcrew, (INSERT SO MANY MORE HERE…) I just, can’t. even if the funds are there and I’ve convinced myself I “deserve” something new and amazing for one reason or another, I still go for the deals. looking back, I suppose I have my mom to thank for instilling this in my brain as she wouldn’t buy things full priced and insisted that “it’ll always go on sale” and she’s right. I’ve worked in many retail stores and saw this for myself so I usually follow that golden rule while shopping but oooooccasionally treat myself to a full priced item every now and again.. 
Perry Ellis button down, Billy Reid tie, Asos slacks
had a few day drinks and threw darts at Ormsby’s which has a great wine and beer list and TONS of fun games, highly recommend for day or night. 
a stern Silver Foxxx :P
new fave white wine: Cambria’s Chardonnaydouble_bright
Darlin + Dapper
I’m Wearing: Dear Creatures blouse, Anthro slacks, Zatchels satchel purse via, Sixtyseven boots via, iced Americano via Octane on Howell Mill

Happy Humpday!
next up: either a INSTA-FLASHY post since it’s way overdue OR a Street Style inspiration post…..I’ll surprise you!