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June 29, 2016


Monday, Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita and I hung out at Iberian Pig with local bartenders and ladies from Greenhouse Agency to learn about and taste Herradura Tequila.  We had a 5-course meal each paired with Herradura. Each so flavorful! It felt extra special since the chef himself came out and explained the dish. Here’s some behind the scenes ~



Fun facts I learned about the tequila and the brand ~

There are 136 type of agave plants but only blue agave makes tequila.

Unless specified as 100% agave the tequila will likely be 51% agave and 49% leading to that hangover college students are all too familiar with.

Herradura prides themselves as being 100% agave.

Top reasons to choose Herradura over other tequilas:

  • their history of being one of the first distilleries and heritage
  • they slow roast their agave leading to a complex and full bodied product
  • age longer than industry standards
  • uses natural fermentation and use only sugars that are naturally occurring in the plant
  • distill at a lower proof thus adding less water preventing dilution




Tequila 101


We had a bunch of yummy drinks but my taste buds fell in love with a unique blend of Herradura Silver, their very own agave nectar, muddled cilantro and orange. Jessica and I both thought the cilantro was such an obvious pairing we never thought of!



After learning about the brand, tequila in general and enjoying our dinner the cocktail connoisseurs each had a station with ingredients and tools to come up with their own concoction.  They had 10 minutes to plan, execute and name their drink. Then they presented it to Jessica, myself as well as two other judges. We rated each drink based on creativity/presentation/taste and then selected a winner. The winning team used pickle juice they ran downstairs to track down and jalapenos ~ such a cool flavor combination!


We were gifted our very own, personalized bottle of Herradura! As big fans of tequila, Jessica and I died a little when we saw our blog logo printed on the back!

Thanks to Rachel and the rest of the team for the amazing night! Can’t wait to collaborate in the future!

Next up, see what I wore to the event ~

November 26, 2014


Hope you’re all excited for the holiday and ready to feast!  I know we are- definitely in need of a short work week!  I’ve been real eager to share our cocktails from the West Elm bar cart shoot and I thought what better timing than right before Thanksgiving when folks go all out with recipes and indulgence.  All three recipes below are pretty easy.  All the ingredients I can pronounce and nothing you wouldn’t be able to locate relatively quickly.
In the shaker:
rye shot
dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Fig Bitters
1/2 jigger sweet vermouth
muddled satsuma
Directions: Shake/Pour/Garnish with peel15878130362_b9ec5dea4a_k
15256<a href=
In the shaker:
whiskey shot
dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Sriracha Bitters
couple fresh blackberries
2 small thyme sprigs
satsuma and rind
Directions: First muddle fruit and herbs/Pour in liquid/Shake/Serve over ice
Does this photo have you craving dark chocolate, sea salt and home made pie crust?  Let me tell you, this thing was something else.  In one word: decadent.  Me and my taste buds want to thank Courtney for making this treat!

See the recipe on Real Foodology.

The other snacks in the photo include Whole Foods pimento cheese with salted crackers, cornichons and satsumas that doubled as mixers.  I didn’t know if I’d like working with such a small fruit but they peel easily and yield a good bit of juice, so I’d do it again for sure.
#3 (not actually’s a remix of #1) 
In the shaker:
whiskey shot
dash of Brooklyn Hemispherical Sriracha Bitters
1/2 jigger sweet vermouth
juice of satsuma
Directions: Shake and serve over ice 

Not too hard right? My favorite was the first. Mostly because I can’t handle spicy drinks but Dustin and Courtney loved the sriracha bitters and would definitely recommend.  All items were c/o West Elm. Colorful vases and flowers were made by and belong to Evan of Leggoe Land. To recreate these drinks with the bitters, glassware and shakers, visit West Elm’s holiday bar section!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow-indulge, you deserve it!

November 9, 2011

a YELP shindig

im excited to share an event with you all-
from the Yelp Team:
     To kick off our pledge to shop locally this holiday season, you and a guest are invited to the next all-Yelper party: Yelp’s Stylin’ Shindig! 

If you like to shop, if you like to eat and drink, if you like to dance… this party is for you: fantastic local boutiques will be bringing in their finest wares and selling them for at least 50% off regular price! We’ll have a bevy of wonderful drinks, local eats, and DJ Dibiase will be back spinning to get you dancing! Photography provided by Mike Cooke of Mikedesigns and Brittany Wages, and OMG Booth will be on hand with their crazy fun photobooth antics! 

** You must be RSVPd on Yelp to get into this event. We’ll be checking at the door!

to read about how to RSVP and other details
collage by me, photos via The Beehive
collage by me, photos via Fearless Weirdos

though personally i have only shopped at The Beehive i’m excited to check out the other stores, brands, artists, as well as the sips + snacks! not to mention i’m all about Sunday Funday!

if you are not familiar with Yelp, you should meet and be very good friends. the site is a great way to research restaurants, salons, stores, hotels, nightlife, art and so much more. it really helped me when i first moved to Atlanta and still find myself referring to it weekly.

hope to see everyone at this event looking sharp!
have a good week,