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May 19, 2016


Sunday the Concrete Jungle crew took folks on bike and foot around the city educating us on the wild growing fruit they pick and donate to the homeless and hungry. I was with the biking group that started and ended at Mother. We went through Old 4th Ward, Cabbagetown and Grant Park stopping at trees, bushes, vines and even the zoo! Here’s a short recap of our sunny afternoon-




CJ co-founder Craig who handles most of the mapping design and engineering recently created these tags for the plants they pick from.  It not only says “hey! you found a resource we use to feed the hungry” but also encourages you to lend a helping hand. Is this fruit tree ready to be picked? Let CJ know! Snapping and sharing on Instagram? Tag CJ!



My bike companion for the day, Ryan, enjoying some ripe service berries.



Service berries up-close. Tasted like blueberries with a hint of vanilla. Since they are small it’d take forever to pick them so what they typically do is lay down a tarp and shake the tree silly. They also do this with apples and mulberries.


We were all very excited to see the maypop. It’s a hardy fast-growing vine that produces a small yellow fruit. Aubrey referred to it as a ‘very complicated flower’ which is a perfect description- so many components!


Peaches! Did you know Georgia is NOT the peach state it’s actually South Carolina. But it’s on our license plates so we’ll just keep the claim!


Ramble ended back at Mother for games, a raffle and drinks! Pictured here is the foraged mulberry cocktail- little tart, touch of sweet with a punch of vodka.  Yum!

You may be surprised at all the fruit growing around the city, even KIWI. See a full food map here.

CJ is always looking for volunteers to help with the garden or on fruit picks, if you’re interested visit for more info!

Tonight we leave for Hangout Music Fest, expect a recap of that up next.  Have a good weekend!

April 13, 2016


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but the taco food group (totally a thing!) is my favorite type of food. Same with Dustin! Basically the reason we went to Mexico for our honeymoon- only slightly kidding!

But for real, I take tacos seriously and have my spots here in Atlanta that I go to often. Semi-new to the rotation is Bartaco. I’ve been to the Westside location a few times and on Sunday we went to check out the one in Inman Park.


Did you know they have a secret-off the menu-rotating taco? I didn’t till I started seeing it pop-up on Instagram! Dustin and I were curious to try the current one, which I’ll keep hush* so you can have a taco surprise as well, so we went to check it out.  We were impressed!  Unique and tasty. *Ahhh I want to describe it so bad!


Another perk is their cocktails.  Crazy good!  Not only are the concoctions unique but they use fresh pressed fruit which you can definitely taste. What an upgrade from the pre-mixed versions!


Dustin sipping on the not-so-regular-regular-marguarita. Fresh juice makes all the difference for real y’all!


I seriously can’t think of a side that compares to Bartaco’s corn.  This is not an ad, I genuinely feel that strongly about it.  I’d compare it to pure gold, spicy cheesy gold!

(Reading this aloud to Dustin he said “sounds pretty accurate!”)

The red cocktail is the “Sanguina” – I highly recommend this hibiscus-infused + blood orange + lime + agave beverage!


Enjoying the “Port Chester Reviver” which is gin + cucumber + mint + mango nectar + lime juice. Since I’ve already said the corn is gold I can’t say it again so we’ll call this- liquid Summer!


New jewelry and new tattoo!

Bracelets are from Giles and Brother and ring is from Young Blood Boutique by the Brooklyn designer, YAH YAH.

Tattoo was done by a Lauren of Melting Sun Apparel who’s recently started doing stick and pokes out of her house.  I love how it turned out to be like wearing jewelry.


Two of these are not on the menuuuuu and those two may be the secrets!





Any guesses yet??


Awesome thing #203: The patio is a dream! Open air with various table settings, some short with the most adorable stools and a big ole fireplace to warm up at on chilly nights.

Wearing an Anthro jumpsuit, Madewell sweater, Stetson hat, Nine West boots, vintage Saks  bag and TOMS shades.


We both loved how the environment reminded us of our honeymoon in Mexico.  There was a restaurant we ate at several times called Ziggy’s that had these same basket lights. Good vibes!


Dawwww, my guy :)

What a night. Nothing beats sitting next to a fire, in your favorite city with your better half, sipping drinks and planning life plans WHILE EATING TACOS!

Thanks for having us Bartaco!

Next post: Recap of Scott’s Antique Market

April 5, 2016


The event was a sweet success! The weather was beautiful which led to great foot traffic around Atlantic Station, some familiar faces stopped by and the whoopie pies were DELICIOUS!  I hung out from 1-4 chatting with the makers and running around snapping photos (and lets be honest, checking out all the awesome new Spring/Summer inventory, swoon!)


Kept it casual in a Madewell top, Joes Jeans denim, Free People slip-ons, Neva Opet necklace and Warby Parker glasses.


The maker’s booths were set up directly in front as you walked in so shoppers couldn’t miss the goods! If they weren’t initially aware of the sale, they got immediately curious and walked up to browse. Had a nice traffic flow going on.


WHOOPIE PIES! These things were huge! And so yum. I got the peanut butter and tried a bite of Dustin’s oatmeal. Mae’s Bakery knocked it out of the park!




The maker’s enjoyed having West Elm goodies at their disposal to add some (literal) life to their displays!

Kyle was ready to stamp anything your heart desired on his products. Here he was putting “Inman Park” on a key chain for a customer who’s friend just moved from the city.


Hey girl hey!

Behind Rachel is the permanent local section so any given day you walk into the store there are products from Atlanta’s finest!  Additionally, West Elm just launched a whole section for locals products, check it out here.

So happy with how the event turned out! Thanks to West Elm for entrusting my taste in local artists and giving me the chance to curate my first lil market!