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June 13, 2013

Josh Gwyn Photography

last month I went out to Stone Mountain State Park with some friends to participate in a photoshoot that was for Nadia Marie’s styling portfolio and Josh Gwyn’s photography portfolio. Josh Gwyn is a buddy of mine who recently interned for Leah + Mark his last semester of college and just received a degree in Photography from Georgia State. he’s really great behind the lens, check out a few of my favorite snaps from  our Sunday at Stone Mountain-
Atlanta Photographer | Joshua Gwyn | Stone Moutain Styling Shoot |  Lady Flashback | Nadia Marie | Kayla Conley
above outfit is a vintage kimono, H&M dress that belongs to Nadia Marie and my DIY’d flower crown
Atlanta Photographer | Joshua Gwyn | Stone Moutain Styling Shoot |  Lady Flashback | Nadia Marie | Kayla Conley
Atlanta Photographer | Joshua Gwyn | Stone Moutain Styling Shoot |  Lady Flashback | Nadia Marie | Kayla Conley
above is another top from Nadia Marie, my H20 jeans and my ever so comfy Dansko clogs
Atlanta Photographer | Joshua Gwyn | Stone Moutain Styling Shoot |  Lady Flashback | Nadia Marie | Kayla Conley
above outfit was styled by Nadia Marie for her portfolio as she was applying to Anthropologie and Madewell, only thing I remember is the jewelry was J Crew

check out Josh’s website, it’s loaded with beautiful images, if you like what you see-hire him for your wedding, party or portraits!

happy almost-weekend,

June 7, 2013


as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m usually playing catch-up on updating recent events (hence Flashback!) so here’s another catching-up post from last weekend’s Summerfest + Artlantis events.

Summerfest is located on Virginia Ave and pretty much takes over Highland Ave. it features artists, food, live music and high Southern temperatures! each year I’ve lived in ATL I’ve attended the event with layers of SPF, a hand fan and cup of water and STILL get so exhausted from the sun and heat but I keep going back for more as I love all forms of festivals! Artlantis which is just down the street on Ponce De Leon, also takes place on the same day, but is Indie and has more affordable arts and craft goods. it’s fun to attend both to see all the variety of art, from high end contemporary pieces that I personally wouldn’t buy but enjoy admiring to reconstructed vintage clothing, between the two events you get to see a wide variety of goodies!

here’s some streetstyle, detailed shots of pretty things and festival snaps:

my outfit: Urban Outfitters top, shorts & shades, Frye sandals, vintage bag and necklace
hung out with Mallory who wore a Loft dress & necklace, Target hat, Havaianas flip flops and Ray Bans sunnies
also spent the day with this pretty lady, Ashley, who was so patient with me running around snapping photos!  
-pretty ombre and flower crown-
-all in the details-
-maxis are a comfortable option for the Southern heat-
the sweet lil lady in the floral shades told me they were on SALE at UO and I actually ran and got them for myself on the way to Artlantis, $10, SCORE!
after taking the pic of the girl on the left we recognized each other and realized I had actually taken her photo during Shaky Knees fest! I must really dig her style! dress on the right is vintage and ADORABLE.
top pic is of a little girl’s rad high top sneakers, she was pretty bashful but I think she was just playing it wayyyyy cool (since after all, she WAS super hip!) bottom Docs were recently purchased and she was real stoked I took this pic, yay!
my one purchase came from the booth and artist on the left, it’s a bendable headband that is made from vintage fabric (she is actually wearing one she made!) wish I could remember the name of their booth. shorts and crop tops are also a nice way to stay cool and were sported by many.
artist and hip lady behind the brand Melting Sun Apparel and her goods.
bumped into gal pal Nadia Maria riding in on her sweet road bike wearing highwaist scalloped shorts.
-more details including a cute bow tie-
left side lady scored this romper from the fest and immediately put it on to beat the heat! gal on the right is playing it smart by cooling down with a locally made King of Pops.
Foxboxes artist hanging in her booth which has really neat flasks (that are VERY practical and I use often).
really cool cement planters by local artist featuring my favorite plants: succulents.
shake-weight-guy rocking out for the Ponce De Leon traffic. he’s a staple around these parts!
Jess Jones porch hanging after a long and sun filled day adorned by my favorite pattern-of-the-moment, polka dots!
capped off the day with porch chilling and grilling with friends with this cutie named Buddy who belongs to the chef and hostess Stephanie. such a good day and it’s only the beginning of the Summer!

have a good weekend and as always-support local stuff!!

May 31, 2013


you never know what the heck is going to happen and where the paths will lead but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I very rarely have regrets. especially with relationships because even if it didn’t work out, chances are you both learned something about yourself and have a bunch of good memories to take with you onto the next journey. all this being said, I’m basically getting to the fact that my relationship with the “Silver Foxxx” ended last week.

so now it’s back to being a:

 many things factored into the split but one main hurtle that put a strain on things was not living in the same city. an hour and a half trek when you both work mon-fri often times till 6pm or later means you basically have the weekends to spend with one another. most weeks we’d have Wednesday as well but still..starting and building up a relationship not living in the same place at any point proved to be more difficult than I thought. like I said, many factors came into play with the ultimate decision to go our separate ways and I don’t normally put my personal life out in the open but so many people have asked and expressed concern and he had a presence here on the blog so just putting the news out there..

all in all, everything is great and I couldn’t be happier for the next chapter!  
Single Lady Attire-
necklace: UO, sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs, top: F21, jeans: O2 via WildFlag, boots: Rag O Rama
what’s next? don’t know but I’m real intrigued!
I’m really thankful for all the support and love from my friends + family. man, I’m truly lucky! it’s never easy when a relationship ends no matter the circumstances and I am fortunate to have great people in my life.

speaking of, a group of my gal pals and I went to Panama City Beach on an adult Spring Break adventure that was JUST what the doctor ordered! epic pics coming up next!
watch out Atlanta and surrounding area, Flashy’s on the prowl!

May 2, 2013


here’s an outfit I wore to a ladies crafting + vino night we had last week. since a bunch of my gal pals had been asking me to show them how I’ve learned to make flower crowns I figured why not tie it into our monthly meetup so that’s what we did over at Natalie from Pocket of Presh’s house!
above is one I made over Easter weekend and brought it along as an example. the purple flowers are actually oldies I had stashed away from high school!
outfit details: vintage top, TJ Maxx floral jeans, Sixtyseven booties via Anthro, Clothing Warehouse shades, V.LU Accessories necklace (via my showroom at Americasmart)
it’s almost the weekend which for some of us means music, Kentucky Derby and/or CHILL TIMES!
smile today :)

March 6, 2013

Wine on the Beltline

last weekend a buddy of ours invited us over to check out his airplane hangar turned junk shop turned new loft/event space in Old 4th Ward. we hung out in the back and watched folks & their dogs stroll by on the Beltline while we enjoyed some vino. Ryan and I only sorta coordinated our matching blue and white polka dots. ;)
Ryan wears-Jcrew button down, H&M polka dot suspenders, and Peoples Market jacket
tattoos and light layers
(don’t be fooled, I’m mildly freezing here!) 
wearing-LOFT tee, UO Skirt, AA socks, vintage boots and Zatchels bag 

sadly, over the years, I’ve realized I’m unable to drink red wine due to stomach problems, and out of all the whites I’ve realized said problematic tummy really only likes chardonnays. this is actually not all that bad considering all of the common characteristics chards can carry. the body can be light and fruity to  complex and buttery. also considering possible tasting notes like figs, honey, peaches, melons, hazelnuts, as well as herbs and spices; who could possibly get bored? not to mention its versatile and can be paired with most meals. having a boyfriend who has been raised to appreciate good wine has taught me a thing or two which also has me passing on Kroger’s on sale selection! he has been giving me tips on how to drink it properly in order to pick up different smells and tastes as well as sharing how the different regions and temperatures add to the complexity of chardonnay’s many varieties. no complaints here!
though I cannot wait for Spring, it was nice to see the sunset and full moon from ground level through the trees.

next few days consist of a double date Alt-J concert and a ladies only clothing swap at Young Blood Boutique + Mint Gallery.

if you are an Atlanta local and want to join, visit the Facebook event page for more details.