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December 17, 2014

December Root City Market

This past Saturday I shot my third Root City Market.  It took place over at Stove Works in Old Forth Ward. As always it was a success and a whole lot of fun!  I chatted it up with lots of vendors and friends stopping by. Bought a Christmas gift for Dustin and a cheese/bread board for the new house I’ll be moving into this weekend. The wood came from Front Page News, a bar in Little Five Points, which I thought was very cool!

One of the free activities was a “draw your neighborhood station” made by my roomie, Sarah.  It consisted of vintage inspired postcards she designed that were hung on the window with washi tape that you took down, drew on the back and hung back up with your drawing facing outward. The outcome was so cute and everyone got into drawing their neck of the woods!
Most of the volunteer crew though some were having to hold down the fort! Jen, the creator and curator of RCM is in the center. She’s the sweetest!
Drawing of my current neighborhood, Poncey-Highlands, and my little family :)
The one I got is 4th from the left! Such a neat shape.
Allison of Flower Crown Society made the whimsical wall and ceiling hangings. This is one talented lady!

Good luck wrapping all those gifts and getting your Christmas shopping completed!

February 13, 2014



Meet local artist Molly, she is part two of a new blog series called Factory Flashy where I visit workshops and studios of artists/craftsmen and women around ATL-read my first visit here.  I first met Molly at an art show for a mutual friend of ours and following the show got to know her over beers and quickly realized I liked this down to earth artist.  It was later I looked up her work and realized, HOLY COW she’s really talented! We arranged for a studio visit at her space at the Goat Farm and like I imagined it was very laid back conversations that felt like I was talking to an old friend who’s now become a new friend. I snapped photos of her studio and asked her some Who/What/Where/When/Why/How questions to help you get to know Miss Molly:


 what is your current project?

Through my Creatives Project residency, I’m putting together a workshop for One Love Generation, using shadow puppetry techniques to explore how light and movement can animate a personal mythology. I am working on my solo show at Beep Beep Gallery, which opens in May. It will combine painting, drawing and installation, as well as sound and light components.

For this show, I want to create an immersive, full-sensory experience: to transform the gallery into a live organism. I’m also going to Athens at the end of the month to paint a mural at the Hotel Indigo.


who do you admire?

I admire anyone with a good work ethic and a good sense of humor.

where is your favorite piece?

Pastel (Argentina) has a mural down the street from my house, near where Moreland hits Memorial in Reynoldstown. I am a true fan of his work, and of him, and it’s really special for me to be able to drive by it every day.


The above isn’t what you think, it’s not paint or pen it’s actually a process that she experimented with using a flame to burn the wood, I thought this was really neat and like her other work has perfect lines!


IMG_0912 upclose2

how did you get started painting murals?

I got tired of working small, especially since my work is pattern-based. I felt too trapped in my own head. So one day, I guess about three and a half years ago, I painted a piece that covered the whole back wall of my studio. It was an adrenaline rush; I felt like, for the first time, my mind and my body were completely in sync. From there I just painted whatever I could, wherever I could, as often as I could. I was blinded by purpose, didn’t want to focus on anything but painting walls: I was traveling all the time, my social life was dictated by my painting schedule, I was barely subsisting. But eventually I built up enough momentum and now I can breathe a little, make a living, choose projects that are the right fit for me. I hustled really hard to get here, I’m so grateful for this life.


This is a sketching of a mural for the Hollywood Mural Project, so it started out on this small piece of paper and then she transformed it to a larger than life piece! I can’t imagine having to think in that big of a scale, but she’s nailed the system.


why ATL?

The South is my home, I’m bound to the landscape here. I lived all over and when I came to Atlanta, I felt like I found the exact spot where I was supposed to land.


when did you first realize you had artist skills?

When I was little, maybe four or five, I did this crayon drawing of minnie mouse wearing a wedding dress with a really elaborate veil and high heels and super long eyelashes. And the background was filled with stars (six pointed ones because I hadn’t figured out how to draw the five-pointed kind yet.) I used every color in the box, even some metallics, I spent days on that thing. And my mom put it in a plastic frame and hung it on the wall of our house. I didn’t realize it at the time but I think that recognition was the first time I saw drawing as a thing that could exist outside myself.


Thanks to Molly for taking the time for a chat! Visit her website to see more:


September 23, 2013


last weekend I was invited by the sweet gals of Birds of a Feather Creative to attend Salvage hosted by the ladies of Indie Craft Experience to check out the selection of vintage clothes, housewares, handmade goods and locally made jewelry at Ambient Studios. in the past I’ve attended a few ICE events as well as Salvage and they always seem to have the BEST in indie and vintage goods! Ambient is a beautiful space with great natural light, high ceilings and lots of room to mingle around. 
not only does Leela have sweet handmade stationary, calenders and stamps but her setup is super cute as well!
my two favs: lace + suede
cats, moons & embroidery OH MY! 
Tara of Hot Pink Poo finds and resales vintage treasures all over the South, makes jewelry, runs a bar a restaurant with her hubby and plays dress up with her adorable mini-Tara named Roxy. cat necklace is a Pretty Pink Poo piece that belongs to miss Lindy Lane!
you may recognize this green haired gal from the Artlantis post back from the beginning of Summer who runs the jewelry and accessories line called Melting Sun. 
Jessi and Christina aka Birds of a Feather Creative – first time I met them IRL was at the 90’s wine party a few weeks back hosted by a mutual friend so when we met up at Salvage we had to reintroduce ourselves since we looked a little different minus the flannel, beanies and hair buns!
so many rad kicks worn by rad ladies!
Jess was so stoked on this $21 skirt purchase *as any vintage loving fashionista would!* she plans to wear to her work’s formal party, if I remember correctly she “felt like a princess!!!”
sweet gals behind Lily & Lucille antiques and collectibles
Kelly looking pre-Fall sharp
Loft dress, UO sandals, Madewell earrings, vintage bag & sunnies from Clothing Warehouse
I has purdy franz!
“guys, we crushed some vintage shopping” -lil Jess :P

good times with gal pals who share the love of all things vintage and handmade!

NEXT UP: Recapping Music Midtown Day1 & (a VERY rainy) Day2!
-make today a HAPPY MONDAY!

September 3, 2013


this is a bit out of chronological order but we shall just call it a “flashback” since it was Aug 22nd when I went out to dinner and art gallery hopping with some friends. documented mine and Elizabeth’s outfits along with a few snaps around the galleries in the West Side area and Poncey Highlands.
newest accessory: THE UMBRELLA.
always raining so why not have a cute one, this one is via Target!
Free People top and necklace, LOFT pants, RagORama boots and purse (vintage), Target umbrella, BCBG bracelet
American Apparel maxi, thrifted vest, TOMS+Serpentine edges 
after dining at Ormsby’s we headed to Kai Lin gallery to pop in and say hi to Jonny “Double Wolf” Warren and other artists hanging out drinking and doodling.
(above) Jonny Warren + his tools
Sam Parker + Molly chatting and doodling
after Kai Lin we went to BEEP BEEP to view my roommate Chelsea Raflo’s exhibit which was showing from the beginning of August till now (show is about to come down). her and Mike Germon collaborated on a mixed show of some independent pieces along with a joint-effort mural in the back.
cut out stills from one of her stop motion videos
really need to watch her create each frame, one by one, and then to see it all come together and MOVE inside a video box she crafted by hand as well-so proud!
recognize the tiny person above wearing the ASOS Alice in Wonderland style dress? IT’S ELIZABETH from the above pics (with a lot more hair…this was pre-pixie cut obv..)! months ago, Chelsea and Eliz did a shoot together and Chelsea cut out some frames and used the stills of Eliz for one of the videos and then reused them in the dual effort collage, hoping we get to keep some of these around the house after the show comes down!

don’t know about you all but I’m glad my labor day weekend was chill. I desperately needed to catch up on some house stuff, freelance stuff and LIFE stuff.
good luck with going back to work tomorrow!
-F L A S H Y-

November 20, 2012


couple times a year artists gather here in ATL for the Indie Craft Experience at Ambient Studios to sell and promote their hand-crafted goods. this past weekend after grabbing brunch with my gal pal we went to check out the goodies and also to support my boyfriend who was selling dog bow ties he crafts for his new side business called “Distinguished Domesticates.”

i snapped a few photos of the event with my new Canon 50mm 1.4 lens that i recently acquired, soooooo much fun playing with depth of field i can’t control myself!

bought a camera stamp from this booth “Small Object” 
my distinguished man :)
creative lady Leela of Native Bear made a hand-stamped 2013 calendar, which sold out in the first 1/2 of the first day-you go girl!
more available in her shop here:
just for fun, here are some pics from the LeahAndMark photo booth we were more than
happy to play in!
have a happy Thanksgiving friends!