f65c74e41ee8b9d6036519c47a11c3e3If you have an IG account or access to the internet than you are most likely aware that Coachella part 1 happened last weekend. For yet another year I was forced to watch from home but will forever hold on to the memories of the two times I partied down in the desert of Indio, California.  Here are my top 10 favorite looks from the VERY fashionable festival-

a1aa13f0e5e9d2566ecd9f91b8fb651316565cae1cd6dfbe23d61742563672c52366e7a9e5de4f80d0b0f99ac96f7207e545d91ed7c059e88a579bebde016fa26a699d7f62a6f88030ee30b0e4ad4cba6ac9e25f9c4f929fafcf9e5336c43cb4eceb56fd860418a8dde7a59fe54ec477e89507d950ee75d8ea18b4f834ace583065d1d6f2d93b41fd68b793f2db7f003All photos via Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Refinery 29

I can’t help it, I’ll always love floral and denim! These are definite inspiration for the upcoming Shaky Knees Fest which I’ll be attending for the second year. Hopefully this time is a lot less rainy and muddy so I can wear some denim and floral!

Have a great rest of the short work week and a Happy Easter!

CAMP | Spring Supper

13837367805_e2baa20c02_bA creative group by the name of CAMP has been hosting meals and teaching workshops around Atlanta since 2012.  The contributors aka “counselors” have creative backgrounds in many areas such as photography, prop and fashion styling, makeup art, floral design,  graphic design and there’s even a husband and wife vintage rental company specializing in set design- DREAM TEAM!

Having admired their aesthetic for some time I didn’t hesitate when my roommate invited me to their Spring supper last week at Sun in My Belly.  I’ve been really excited to share this post because I love how the photos turned out. Between the talent behind CAMP and the beautiful space and natural light at S.I.M.B. it wasn’t hard to get great shots!



13837381303_710e5cec8e_b13836986885_5cfa1e5084_b13837242973_3703676a90_bHappy camper outfit details- top: Loft, jeans: UO, boots: Sam Edelman, purse: Kate Spade, jean jacket: Gap

13837046005_6b2fe23b74_b 13862661603_83cd1b9485_b13837355015_47a4b5341a_b13837311184_994fde23e7_b13837145143_95567d812d_b13837179675_1a10db3666_bCAMP >>>—>

The food was off the wall, networking was at an all time high, I multi-tasked with Jezebel street style pics and snapping photos for the blog (always hustlin yall!) and Atlanta provided a beautiful night-couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


13728992533_96eb80f0aa_bSaturday I joined the ladies-only bike ride, Critical Asss, for my second round at taking over the ATL streets.  We started the ride at Bookhouse Pub, road through the Highlands to Little Five Points, down Edgewood and ended around where we started. The cool breeze and sun provided a beautiful day for riding!

13728977343_e12c69371a_bHanging with repeat riders Stephanie and Elizabeth.

13729073263_f94cca2b50_bBabette Dj Taradactyl riding in style!

13729376764_034ea6de06_bMatching Linus X TOMS bikes!

13729389554_73ec30c937_bBorrowed Dustin’s helmet cause it matched my outfit better than my mint one, Yep, that’s a thing.

13728952805_8ee5ec7ac5_bI’m so proud to be a women when I participate in lady-only events. The natural bond that women share is so powerful.  This ride is proof- no one is left behind, left out or criticized. Each lady is included in the group even if you’re new and don’t know a soul. If you are in the area, I encourage you to join!

13728925993_4db32a1852_bTara sporting some new high-top Chucks, looking ultra casual chic!


13729021955_e64ba10cf0_bBike outfit details- top/jacket thing-LOFT, t-shirt-H&M, jeans-7 For All Mankind, sneakers-Gola, shades-Oakley

See my first ride here.

*PS* Don’t forget about this Saturday’s BLOGGER CLOSET SALE at W Buckhead-See you there!!!!Blogger Closet


moonfeather1924morganYou know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and screenshot images you find inspiring and save them in your library and go back and look at them over and over again until you delete them because your phone is full and you must make room. (I know it’s not just me doing this!)

Well I’ve had a few images that have been chilling in my library and I thought I’d share, here are my top four of the moment!


On this account you will see-floral decor, flowers, diy

Not that I’m currently engaged but I’ve been looking at this image and realizing its vibes are exactly what I want for my future wedding. You can see this on the Pinterest board I started a while back, not even ashamed that I’m already pinning!


On this account you will see- minimal photography, handmade goods for sale, branding

Their photos really stand out from a lot of the images you see on IG. They let the object/subject speak for itself and often have a lot of white space. Trying to simplify myself in many ways and this account is great inspiration.


On this account you will see- a photographers adventures/behind the scenes

Recently Morgan and I met when her friend connected us after Rachel realized we both had a similar love for all things denim.  She’s a friendly local with lots of experience under her belt and is currently traveling and documenting for So Worth Loving.


On this account you will see- a jewelry maker’s adventures, goods, behind the scenes 

This lady is seriously crafty. I’m dying for a couple of her stack rings! Not mention she’s got a great eye for snapping photos-creative angles and cropping-I’m always taking mental notes. If you don’t already follow these accounts and you like to be inspired, I’d say you outta check them out.  These are the type of folks that keep me wanting to take my hobbies further!


13438750623_3ba3b49674_bAs obsessed as I am with all the blooming flowers you’d think this was my first Spring ever. I’ve literally pulled my car over to smell wisteria, stood in rain to snap pics of plants and blown up my IG feed with floral pics. Perhaps it was the harsh winter but it seems like Georgia’s flowering plants are out of control, and even though I do get stuffed up from all the pollen, I’m a huge fan! Here’s two different series of photos taken around my neighborhood, enjoy!



13527839694_82f34364e5_bThis time last week I had the pleasure of visiting the all-female creative space Studio South.  They hosted an evening of networking, photoboothing, sipping and nibbling. One of the best parts of the night was that I was able to finally meet several people I had connected with online but hadn’t met in ‘real life’ such as photographer Paige Jones. While I was there I had my Mark II snapping photos of the amazing decor and styling. Really like how moody they turned out, take a look-

13527614683_4d2ddafa22_b13527607263_0523afb4f7_b 13527478045_0314380113_b13527471765_7d7c762df4_b 13527448015_aa286916a8_b13527553323_e56dc16d7c_b 13527779554_cd82fa6e5f_b13527816354_c6c3dc9539_bThe space is home to several photographers, a wedding planner, florist and calligrapher- talk about some creative ladies! Everyone was so kind and welcoming which made for a really good time!

Read more about the current residents of Studio South here.


Blogger ClosetOh ya, you read correctly, fashion bloggers selling goodies from their closets!  Really happy to be a part of this sale with some of my favorite local fashionistas and to be supporting the female focused organization Dress for Success.  Each blogger will be donating 10% of their proceeds!

Head to the W Buckhead on April 12th to hang with down-to-earth fashionable ladies, shop designer/vintage/gently used brands, sip Sin<Less mimosas and indulge in Yum Yum cupcakes!  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite items that I’ll finally be letting go of on IG and FB, spoiler alert: Michael Kors watch, Sam Edelman boots, Juicy Couture purse AND MORE!

Bloggers and Beers

13527708623_832e394006_bHope everyone is making it through your Monday! I’m pleasantly well-rested even though our youngest cat was doing his best to keep that from happening. Nonetheless, it’s always a good thing to start the work week on the right (rested) foot — though I do enjoy a Sunday Funday from time to time!  I managed to get in all my activities on Thursday and Saturday.  The photos in this post are from Thursdays blogger meet-up at Monday Night Brewery.  After work we sipped beers, munched on chips and salsa thanks to Jessica all the while we enjoying porch times until it got too chilly.

13527938564_275f2db489_b13527739733_0ee7aaa46e_b13527605875_b797a9f30a_b13527595435_a8b4eaf5c4_b13527885304_0b1b31468b_bTop: Free People, Jeans: Wild Flag Boutique, Boots: Sam Edelman, Shades: TOMS

13527686993_c23dd96cd8_b13527680833_f8afc916dc_bEnjoyed hanging with all the blogger babes especially familiar faces like Lauren of Fashionably Lo.

13527745773_3af8041bd1_bSpecial thanks to Monday Night Brewery for giving us a lil discount!

white space

jess_1As I imagined, so far 28 doesn’t feel that different. Althoughhh I do have many sore muscles since the actual night of my birthday I went to Pink Barre with some girl friends for a complimentary workout. If you’re looking for an all around CORE exercise I’d definitely suggest a barre workout class.  I consider myself to be in shape and still struggled with some of the positions and motions. Upon hearing it was my birthday the owner gave me a pink tierra to wear, it was a great time and the most healthy bday yet!

But that’s not to say I didn’t celebrate. Since March 25th fell on a Tuesday we did the celebrating on Saturday the 22nd. That afternoon Dustin surprised me with a gift from Free People that contained the most comfortable, flowy maxi dress I’ve ever worn!  I actually blogged about it here. While the “red” color that I originally wanted wasn’t in stock in my size, I’m much happier with the black since the dress wasn’t actually red and more of a pink. After giving him many hugs and kisses we went to the Bookhouse Pub for a beer and then met up with a group of friends at Nakato for hibachi. The food and atmosphere was great! We partook in a saki bomb and then were off to sing our hearts out at Karaoke Melody on Buford Highway.  We had a medium sized private room, 2 mics, a flat screen tv and 5,000+ songs on an Ipad to our disposal for 3 hours!  Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! My Asian themed birthday was a sweet success!

13438793053_f712b03986_bjess_213439036204_c30d930f8f_bjess_5jess_3Outfit details- Free People dress, vintage Kenneth Cole bag, Sam Edelman boots (just ordered them in black I love’em so much!) TOMS shades and UO bra.

I’m very excited for tonight’s plans that include a Southern Blogger Society meet-up at Monday Night Brewery AND a mixer at Studio South.  Looking forward to meeting a few local bloggers I haven’t met yet as well as visiting the photography and graphic design studio for some networking. I’m predicting a very tired Friday..

All photos edited with VSCO’s Agfa Vista 800 Film by yours truly and snapped by Dustin.


13371080415_0da2e6932c_bATL was so pretty this weekend Dustin and I took advantage of the comfortable evening temperatures and visited the Atlanta Fair over by Turner Field with a group of our friends.  On the walk over from our parking lot things were already getting kooky being that we were getting hustled to buy baby turtles and Krispy Kreme donuts so we knew we were in for an interesting night!  Since neither of us trusted the rides we only rode the ferris wheel which scared us a few times with strange noises but was overall fun and romantic. Dustin got tricked into playing balloon darts but then when we were “rewarded” with a prize and I picked the unicorn I was pleasantly surprised when it came with a rainbow! (see second to last photo of rainbow unicorn in my hand)

13371522374_7b67a9bab4_b13371210923_de670a19d1_b13371275333_35122d9835_b13371116595_f502483196_b13371442174_a04d2c4710_b brave ladies about to ride the Starship 2000!

13371240113_ae1f1892ea_b13371128505_966fe25ec9_bobligatory funnel cake!

13371193093_4dbd01e8f0_bpictured: Me, Caroline, Ash, Ashley and Muriel. not pictured: all of our boyfriends.

13371465814_d83b721cf7_bThought this ferris wheel photo looked neat in b/w since you wouldn’t expect it and the lights really pop.   If you live in or around Atlanta I’d suggest going with some friends, even if you don’t ride anything there’s always funnel cakes and corn dogs and if you’re into it, baby turtles…!

In other news, tomorrow I turn 28. No, I’m not going to have a panic attack or get worked up over the fact I’m nearly 30, there’s no way around getting older just gotta suck it up and roll on. In my mind I’m still 24 but just keep gaining more and more responsibilities and partying less.  I doubt I’ll feel or notice the difference between 27 and 28 but I’ll keep ya posted!

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